We have been in Oban for just two and a half weeks now bur so much has happened and we have squeezed so much in.Aiden learnt to swim suddenly on a trip to check our the local pool which was lovely to see and means soon I will actually be able to take both kids the pool on my own which will be great. Here is the rest of my week.

We were sent a whole load of Buff headwear for the whole family to use as Aiden starts forest school. He couldn’t uite wait until Monday to test the Star Wars one and neon hat with ears though so we had a wee fashion parade from him in the house. He absolutely loves that the keck Buff can be worn in so many ways and didn’t want to take it off.

Faye was also a big fan on her tiny Baby Buff which I used to keep the hair out of her eyes while she was looking at leaves.

First day of forest school and I couldn’t believe how much of a star Aiden was. I was supposed to stay the whole 3 hours with him on the first day but after one hour he said “you can go now Mummy!” So I did and he had a wonderful time. He loved the next two days too and gas already learnt so much and done so many cool things, long may it continue. Also, tad jealous and think I would like to go to forest school myself!

I am mad about plants so have spent a LOT of time at the garden centre with Faye whilst Aiden was in forest school for a few hours in the morning. I was very good and didn’t buy all this Heather but I had never seen anything like it!

Darn gardening got me. I had too cuts that wouldn’t stop bleeding from moving broken pots without gloves (oops!) and I have no idea where the adult plasters are  so I had Thomas on one hand Percy on the other.

The lamps in our living room and hall are absolutely hideous and I have spotted this when I was shopping for other things with Faye. I think I really like how natural yet structural it looks but as we aren’t fully doing up those rooms until we possibly knock down walls and move rooms, I just can’t decide if I should get it or not. Help!

Finally got round to unpacking all the shoes into the porch only to discover a pair of trainers that my Mum bought Faye  (they are many sizes bigger) don’t match!  Damn you Clarks!! Hehe I am actually hoping the can give me both other shoes so it is a mini victory.

This week has lots of moving things around the house and doings mall DIY projects when the kids nap or after they go to sleep. They is a lot to do to the house but at least it is livable and we have made a start 🙂

What have you been up to this week?


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