We should be surrounded by boxes but we aren’t. Don’t worry we are still moving! Luckily for us our removals company packs absolutely everything for us! I know. I have never used a company that does this before and it has been very weird not to be asking the supermarkets for their boxes for months. It is even weirder still to be moving in three days and to have absolutely nothing whatsoever packed up. You can read on the review which I’ll put up in a week or so if the whole removals process remained as calm as this! Anyhow here is the week I should have been packing but mainly spent house cleaning and taking many a portrait of the kid who are going a tad stir crazy.

Cheeky chappy was watching a spot of Inspector Gadget whilst I made some phone calls to the lawyers about the house.

Sold the spare bed on Gumtree as it is a kingsize and even though the new house has four bedrooms, two are downstairs so one will definitely be knocked through to make a giant kitchen diner so no point taking the bed all the way up to Oban. With Keith away and the guy who was buying it coming exactly when the kids napped though, I had to shift it downstairs on my own. My Friends Pivot t-shirt really helped!

Safety first! Although I’m not sure how much use their would be perched on top of his head. He does look cute though so I think we will let him off.

Well this is going to be a favourite photo of mine I think. Yes they are both in my bed but not because they woke early, they had actually slept pretty well. No they are in my bed as we are fortunate enough because I don’t currently work, to be able to have lazy mornings makings dens in bed. Total bliss (tiny tiny bit stressful when they start to fight and Faye flings herself from the bed, but mainly bliss!)

This was taken the next morning when no one had slept well. This was not a relaxing fun lazy morning but rather a “oh dear heavens just let me close my eyes for 30 seconds more!”

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, my girl has NO fear. None whatsoever. Her current favourite past time is climbing. She seems unhappy with the floor and wants to challenge the laws of gravity at any and every given opportunity. Here she is after she pulled the stool out of the kitchen and tried to climb the door!

We have found Aiden a absolutely stunning French designer cabin bed that we are going to pick up today so during the week I bought him a single mattress. I went to pick it up but had noone to watch the kids so they had a very entertaining 2 min drive home with a mattress on their heads. Reminds me of my childhood as I was always packed in the Volvo with all the camping gear or Carbost sale stuff.

Faye is on absolute top form at the moment. She is a force to be reckoned with and can walk now. No stopping her even if I wanted too!

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 35”

  1. We did a move where they packed for us and it was amazing – would do again for sure. In our case because we were moving on a quiet day for the removals business, we had 2 crews instead of 1. This meant they packed for us on the day we moved rather than most of it the day before. The only downside we found was that they labelled boxes up with the room they came from. This was mostly fine, but the kitchen at the old house had been enormous and we had used some of the many cupboards for non kitchen things. So first morning in the new house we were opening kitchen boxes in search of bowls and breakfast cereal and instead we were finding garden things and tools. Good luck with the move.
    Erica Price recently posted…2017: Week 35My Profile

  2. Lovely photos of the kids this week.
    Good luck with the move! We’ve used a packing service the last two times we’ve moved and it’s been amazing. They’re so quick! And they don’t spend time looking at things and thinking about them like we do when we pack – they just shove them in a box and seal it up!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Project 365 2017 Week 35My Profile

  3. all our moves over the past 8 years have been with professional packers, movers and unpackers, it’s bloody great, the only downside is that they have to unpack everything the day they deliver the boxes onto every available surface to make sure nothing is broken for insurance purposes, they however assemble all furniture and if you’re lucky will move things into different rooms for you if you change your mind.
    chickenruby recently posted…One Daily Positive – Week 35My Profile

  4. My little toddler would get on with your little girl so well. He has no fear either and is forever getting into places he shouldn’t. He is such a little monkey. Those packing people sound amazing. Imagine taking all the stress out like that. Happy moving 🙂

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