So Keith has been back at work away a week and I am fully in the non single single Mum swing of things here.  I’ve had some shockingly bad nights to start with but yesterday Faye slept through after I eventually got her to sleep at 9pm so I’m all chopper here. This has been our week of pretty average stuff but fun none the less.

A fab bundle of Buff products arrived for a few posts I’ll be writing when we have moved up North and into the wilderness. Yeah ok Oban isn’t the sticks but you wouldn’t believe the amount of times people ask how I’ll cope living off the mainland…

We got so many books this week for reviewing. Aiden was chuffed as always but decided a boring photo simply wouldn’t do and Amanda over at Books and Pieces would much prefer him laying down. Hey as long as he is laughing I’m happy.

You can have all the newfangled toys in the world but give them an old disconnected phone and hours will be lost!

Over on the #littlemakes linky this week I have written a post on how to decoupage a kid’s reading chair to suit their personality. I love getting crafty again.

Dry Kids have sent over some fab waterproof dungarees for Aiden starting forest school in a few weeks. Told him he looks like Daddy in his. Thrilled!

The kids and I had colds for a few days so books and dressing gowns were an absolute must. Faye doesn’t read as much as Aiden does (I don’t think anyone in the world reads as much as Aiden does!) but it was really lovely to see her enjoy this one.

Nothing to see here folks, just a boy playing PJ Masks at the park and borrowing his pal January’s pram and doll for a wee stroll / mad dash across the footie field.

As we are gearing up for Aiden starting forest school soon we are buying all the essentials. How grown up does he look in his backpack!? I think I’m going to be a mess when he starts even though he is only going for a few hours a few days a week!

It took me all week but I finally got a close up of Faye that isn’t blurey. She moves so fast these days it is really tricky.  Such beauty and such astonishing personality. This girl has no fear and such cheeky ways.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 33”

  1. What a lovely picture of Faye! I bet Forest School will be lots of fun. I’m kind of envious of you moving to Oban – I think that sounds perfect you still have some town amenities, with all that wonderful scenery around you. Had to laugh how many thought it wasn’t on the mainland – don’t they know it’s where most of the ferries go from for the islands?
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