The countdown has begun. Just over three weeks till we move into our first house! We are so excited but there is so so much to do especially as Keith will be working away right up until the day before move day. So that means it us down to me (and the kids) to sort all our stuff ready to move. A culling has begun. We have a LOT of stuff. This is going to be a short and snappy weekly round up as life is flying by.

We left Southport last Sunday so the evening before we left, me and my Mum decided to take the kids the fun fair as they hadn’t been before.  We had so so much fun and I was absolutely blown away with Aiden actually going on rides on his own when he is normally so very cautious about everything. The cars one was by far his favourite.

Faye became besotted with one of those toys dogs on leads so obviously my Mum bought her it and obviously Aiden then “needed” the dinosaur on a lead. We stopped off to get them some water and keep them hydrated in the sun. Aiden was much tickled by the whole thing.

I live how much enjoyment kids get out of playing peekaboo over and over.

Faye has had a cold and wasn’t for sleeping one evening. Normally I tough it out and got sit with her in her room for sometimes hours when she is having a bad night. This night I just couldn’t face it so took her downstairs where she promptly fell happily asleep on Daddy.

I didn’t take the origional but this is a snap I took of a photo emailed over from my Aunty in Germany of my Mum in her 20s. She doesn’t wear makeup nowadays (and has blooming gorgeous skin!) but apparently this was her average nothing exciting happening today makeup back in the day. I asked my Dad if he liked her wearing it back then. He almost spat out his tea and laughed that there wouldn’t have been a me if he had known her in this get-up. My Dad likes her with no makeup and looking naturally beautiful as he says.

Our latest books from the Laurence King Autumn catalogue arrived and Aiden straight away wanted to get practicing at being a Superhero. The book tells us his superhero name is Night Arrow. He is delighted!

We heard about the Brick City Lego exhibition at New Lanark Heritage Centre a while ago and promptly forgot to do anything about it. Luckily Keith suddenly remembered and as it is finishing up in September I am pleased he did. We had a fantastic time and got lots of inspiration for future building.

Now off to sort out all our junk! Hope you all had a lovely week too.

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 32”

  1. Bob went to the lego exhibition with DD3 and one of her other nephews, they all seemed to enjoy it.
    Gosh the 3 weeks will fly by, hope you dont get too stressed by it all. i hate moving house and it is bad enough with no kids in tow.
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