This week’s photographs have predominantly been photos of dolls! You see we have taken over the Lottie Dolls Instagram feed for the week so have been snapping their dolls getting up to all kinds of fun. I’ll share a few here but spare you all of them! I do have a cheeky wee favour to ask though. If you have a spare minute could you pop over to the @lottie_dolls Instagram page, find this photo (approx 20 photos down the feed) and like it and write me a comment. This photo has made it to the number 5 slot of their all tone top photos and I would love to go out with a bang and get it to first place but to do that I need more people to interact with it so I would love a wee comment from you 🙂 Thank you!

We visited the model minature railway in Southport for the second time and Aiden was as enthralled as last year. I am going to have to see about setting him up with his own in the new garden or basement.

Left these two alone for a second day whilst I went to pee with the door open but couldn’t see them. All went silent. I peed quicker! Stuck my head round the door to discover this adorable scene!

After bring poorly for a good 5 days, Faye is on top form again and doesn’t she want us to know it!

Aiden may or may not have pushed them into a puddle…

If you head over to the #littlemakes linky this week you will see how we made this super easy Oragami Hand-Puppet. Aiden found him hilarious!

Nothing to see here, just a one year old doing her morning yoga, listening to Christmas songs with a techno trance beat.

Aiden was living showing his new doll Finn how to set up the tents in Grandad’s back garden.

We returned to the wonderful Imagination Station in Southport where Aiden made this strawberry mouse. It did not last longer than one phone.

This makes me chuckle every time I see it. Hehe she looks like a cabage patch doll or something!

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