It has been a week of sun and rain, and more sun and more rain, on and off all week long. A bit of a weird week as we have been in the paddling pool one day and watching thunder and lightening the next. So here it is; our hoshposh (is that even a word?!) week.

My Mum is a teacher and is always off in the Summer holidays so as Keith usually works most in Summer as is away up North North at the moment,  me and the kids have decamped down to England for a while. My Mum is crazy for water and sand play so as soon as we arrived we filled up a pool with water. Needless to say the kids loved it.

I have been working with Lottie Dolls and writing some reviews as they are such fun dolls for girls AND boys. I was so chuffed to find a mini greenhouse in my folks actual greenhouse. Honestly the things they have is mind blowing and always energy sins me and the kids. If you know someone (a little person or even a big one!) who would like a Lottie doll then checkout my gift guide post which features a giveaway.  This coming week I am taking over the Lottie Instagram feed for a whole week with our Lottie Dolls. So much fun will be had plus giveaways and discount codes so make sure you are following me on Instagram too 🙂

My Dad getting totally outnumbered by these two. Luckily he lives it as they are pretty exhausting! Faye us always on the move and Aiden doesn’t stop talking and asking questions ever!

Rainy days call for soft play so we went to a favourite of ours when we are down visiting my folks. They have a great variety of areas and most importantly good food! This time Aiden tried the milkshake for the first time. He tells me it was yummy, and it certainly looked it!

Nor rainy or Sunny on Thursday so we went and visited the World Museum in Liverpool. Aiden really wanted to see the Space section and even though I was disappointed in the size and lack of interactive elements,  he was absolutely amazed by it all which was so enjoyable to witness.

Yes I am “still” breastfeeding Faye at one year old. I nursed Aiden till 14 months and plan on doing the same with Faye (although I suspect she will actually want it for longer whereas Aiden wasn’t fussed at the end). This week we were reviewing the Bravado Bras and having a good laugh in the morning doing so.

It is amazing how fast kids develop isn’t it? At the start of the week Faye could happily pull herself up anywhere but when she wanted to move she would crawl. Now by the end of the week she can walk just holding one hand. I am sure it has happened so fast because she now gets more one on one attention as we have a 3:2 ratio with adults to kids visiting my folks compared to the kids normally outnumbering me!

Faye is so different from her brother who is a cautious chap. She has no fear and is extremely determined to do everything right away, to time to consider risk. She is not really a sit down and dress-up as a princess type girl so this amused me greatly at the soft play we went to. The dress stayed on for oh about 60 seconds!

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 30”

  1. how lovely for your parents to have you down for a holiday, also gives you a rest from being 2 to 1 against.
    Spud is 17 months and still being breast fed, Bob and the twins were nearly 3 time they dropped their last feeds.
    Love the dinky greenhouse.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 30My Profile

  2. Your two sound just like my two. My eldest, Z is a lot more careful and generally cautious before he tries new things and my toddler is like a little hurricane and will just throw himself into things without looking. Hope you’re loving the time at your mum and dads 🙂

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