What an exciting week we have had. We started off on Saturday with FINALLY having Aiden’s fancy dress party at Little World of Play. Aiden had been here for a friend’s parry months ago and had desperately wanted to go back ever since. We had booked his party for his birthday weekend only he was in hospital. Luckily even with the month delay he was not disappointed and I think he would happyily go here ever day if he couldidn’t.

A trip to the park and Faye has discovered a new favourite toy! She was clinging on for dear life and giggling so hard on this dizzy thing. I have no idea how you are supposed to play with it but Faye enjoyed the challenge.

The night before Faye’s first birthday party my sister and I made her this cake to go with the Care Bears theme. I hate ¬†along as I find it so stressful but cake decorating (and eating!) is definitely more fun.

For her birthday, Faye got this huge and super cool paddling pool from her Nana. Luckily it was a lovely and warm afternoon so we set it up while the kids napped and Aiden’s pal January came round in the afternoon. Lots and lots of fun was had. ¬†Faye shows no fear at all!

Can you believe my beautiful baby girl is a whole year old? Like a stuck record, where oh where does the time go?!

We have been lucky enough to have been sent some great toys for Faye’s first birthday and will be I clung them in a gift guide for kids with siblings close in age next week. Aiden certainly took an instant liking to these Magformers.

On Faye’s actual birthday me, The Aunties and Aiden took Faye to the farm. She loved the animals but most of all the was just mad for bouncing really high on the trampoline. Now I never will have one of the hideous huge things in the garden but if they were buried I might be convinced…

Another really fantastic toy we got sent for Faye and Aiden this week was two Lottie Dolls with dome really fantastic accessories. I absolutely love these dolls as they look like little girls and boys as well as having inspirational outfits instead of bikinis and mini skirts. Aiden loves his Finn doll and I think Faye will get interested I hers soon. Mainly she currently just wants to eat the tiny football.

As if to the match the Lottie doll, Faye has a new Everton kit and is having so much fun on her new ride on, Hetty! She can get off but not on!

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 29”

  1. Aww what a lovely week. Glad the party went well and happy birthday to Faye too. The cake looks brilliant. We are bit Lottie doll fans here too. Great photos xx #project365

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