For personal reasons that I don’t want to go in to, this week has been well and truly crap. But life goes on as they say and you have to stay cheery in front of the kids so I did manage to get a photo a day.

On Saturday I ran my first official event at Dunollie. It was a butterfly release held by SIMBA. It was touch and go if the weather would allow for the butterflies to be released but in the end it dried up just in time. We only just got the temperature required though so they didn’t all flutter around as was the desired affect. Instead they seemed to want to cling to us for warmth. The event meant a great deal to the families who had lost babies though and they all seemed very happy with how it went and are rebooking next year so I’m chalking it down as a success.

What? Seriously what?! Why oh why would you not just stick with good old xylophone or x-ray? I let out the biggest sigh when I read this that Faye was giggling her head if as I ranted and raved about dumbing down for kids and this just being a bare face lie!

It was Aiden’s birthday on Monday so he opened his prezzies before forest school. I was so impressed that he then went in for a few hours without having a tantrum about leaving the new toys. He was so happy with them, obviously the Lego most but as the week has hone on he has played with the other toys too (although still always returns to the Lego if course!)

We recently took the side off Faye’s toddler cot bed simply because we had taken Aiden’s off just before he turned two also. She had never tried to climb out but she just looks like she should be in a big girls bed now. However, whereas Aiden never even thought to get out of bed even when he could easily, Faye has decided is is a much better challenge to see just how many of her toys she can now bring IN TO her bed!

Aiden got a new pair of very funky joggers for his birthday from his Oma so I wanted to send her a photo of him in them. Obviously Aiden’s stipulation was that he was armed in said photo.

The tourists are here in Oban. They always are but in the Summer months the place is absolutely crawling. I quite enjoy the holiday atmosphere but what drives me totally insane is the driving and parking of tourists!! How the hell could a person with a pram pass safely down the very busy road into Oban past this. I was absolutely fuming but what can you do?

It’s Lego Club again today and I’m extra excited about this one as I have planned a special event to celebrate the fact that it is Women in Engineering Day today! Robots and Lego and two local female engineers who are insanely skilled so it is going to be a good one!

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