I have lost my mojo a bit at the moment and as such at the start of the week I wasn’t really bothering with taking photos, blogging, social media etc. Do you ever just get into a bit of a funk? Well luckily my wee sister and her partner have come to visit for Aiden’s 3rd birthday which is tomorrow and we always take lots of photos when Aunty Hely is about, she insists upon it! Or so I thought. Things took a horrible turn and we ended up having to go to A & E with Aiden after the doctor called an ambulance as Aiden had a temperature and was breathing rapidly and being sick on Friday. Most of this post was written in advance with me just adding the last photos and notes today.

When it is raining and we just want something fun but near by and free to do, we always visit the Scottish Railway Museum. Having been down in England and over in Germany for almost a month, Aiden was really excited to get back on the trains and get those pistons fired up (they might not be pistons…)

My Mother in Law knew how upset I was about the new house falling through so she sent me this lovely card to cheer me up, complete with a tiny bottle of emergency wishes / dandelion bits! So thoughtful and I love tiny bottles!

I am having a big house sort out and declutter so am selling lots of things on Gumtree etc. I remember when I was is college I bought a lot of pairs of Doc Martens but never managed to wear any in enough to be comfy (I once called my Dad to come pick me up my feet hurt so bad!) This was a pair I think I actually only ever wore once but kept because I loved them so.

Aiden and I were reviewing books from the Laurence King Autumn catalogue and this Monster book was a big hit, with both Aiden AND Faye.

This little daredevil is not like her brother at all with regards slides. She shows no fear and goes down on her own no bother.

Aiden went downstairs ahead of me and I walked in the living room to discover him saying “cheese” over and over. Apparently he was a tourist!

The kids (and I! ) got sick!  Oh dear. No sleep and no rest for anyone. We all despair but thank heavens we can still see the funny side with this comedian…

Or so we thought until we had to take Aiden to hospital on Friday afternoon. I ended up driving the 22 mins to the hospital 12 times in the next 24 hours as I went between comforting Aiden in hospital with his Dad and returning to nurse Faye who was being cared for by my sister and Sarah. My family are absolute superstars and hey I managed to get one hours sleep curled like a cat at the bottom of Aiden’s hospital bed! Thankfully he has now been discharged but he missed his own party so I am going to plan something else to make up for it. Hopefully he will be all recovered soon.

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 24”

  1. Poor Aiden! Sounds like a nightmare and all that travelling must have been exhausting for you. What a shame to miss his own party.
    I remember the torture of a new pair of Doc Martens. I used to gradually wear them in over the course of a month or more and I used to dread buying new ones, even though I loved them!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Project 365 2017 Week 24My Profile

  2. Oh no how scary with him in hospital, glad it all worked out all right in the end.
    What a shame about your house falling through, but at least family were close enough to help out this week.
    Some times a dare devil can leave you with your heart in your mouth.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 24My Profile

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