I am totally snowed under this week what with work, blog posts, the kids partytoplan, Aiden’s actual birthday in a few days, Father’s Day, and decided we really will get married in a few months. So this week will be a sentence a photo, or as close as a chatterbox can get to that!

We drove down to Bo’ness for an old friend’s birthday party. He is 10 days older than Aiden and the two have known each other from a few days old. Aiden was scared of the face paint but I am proud he gave it ago and ended up loving his ninja mask.

So this is a thing that happens when paying at the shops now…

I never use to eat much sweet corn but the kids are mad about it and would eat it every day if they could. I think it might be the butter on it…

I went in for three things. Seriously. Three!

I seem to have been the shops alot this week. Normally paying is a nightmare as Faye runs off so actually this little game keeps them in one spot.

First date night in absolutely forever. We took the boat over to Kerrera to where we will have our wedding reception.  That’s right, we are actually going to get married in October, we think!

Nice easy start to this morning as the kid’s played with the Lego train set and only screamed at each other a little bit. I’ll take that.

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