I’m going to do the very British thing and start by remarking on the weather! It has been so bloomin lovely for what seems like weeks and weeks now that I am sure it must come to an end soon. So every day this week I have spent as much time as possible outside to get my vitD quota for the year before the rains start.

We always said that one of the great things about moving to Oban would be that we could just hop on a ferry and take mini holidays to the islands so simply. Well life got in the way and we hadn’t managed to take a trip yet so last weekend we set to rectifying it and took a ferry to Lismore. We only spent 3 hours there but it was a lovely day out with an hour ferry ride each side which was fun for the kids albeit mildly exhausting for us adults as we chased the kids and made sure no-one ended up in the sea!

With all this hot weather I have been trying out different hair styles on Faye that keep her hair out of her face. It is such fun playing with her hair but it is like a workout having to chase her round the room to do it as she just doesn’t sit still.

One evening as the bath was going in I had told the kids to get undressed. Then that ever worrying silence happened so I went to see what they were up to. They had gotten undressed and climbed in to my bed and were playing peek-a-boo. Melts my heart! And thankfully Faye didn’t per in my bed which was my next thought.

I have been gardening every single day this week and there is still so very very much to do. I bought a load of plants to go on the balcony because then at least one area of the garden looks done and cheerful.

I ordered a load of zip bags to house each separate Lego kit that I have for Lego Club. Most of the kids play with the mixed Lego but some do love building complete kits. I hope thsse new bags mean less pieces go missing so I don’t have to spend all my time searching kilos and kilos of Lego.

Another day, another attempt to tackle the garden. The path to the back top if the garden is now totally overgrown so I borrowed my Dad’s strimmer and set to work clearing it all away. It is harder than I expected as there has been so much growth with this weather, but I can definitely seen an improvement

Sometimes these two get on. In fact they always do hang out together but there are often raised voices or shrieks. On the way to Aiden’s first sports day though they held hands and genuinely where saying “you’re my best frinds” to each other. Aiden took a tumble and Faye was so sad to see Aiden upset. Noe if I could just try and stop them bickering and snatching things off each other, we would be on to a winner.

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