This week I have had a bit of an issue with taking a photo daily. I have had a bit of an issue not in managing it but in the selecting just one for each day! So I am cheating and doing a two  (or three or four!) for the price of one.

At the weekend myself and the kids were down visiting my sister and her partner. They have a dog called Jelly and Aiden got to walk him which is the first time he has ever held a dogs lead. He did great and took his job so serious.

We randomly bumped into Marshall and Slye and it made Aiden’s day. Aiden couldn’t stop telling everyone how Marshall had high fived him!

On the Sunday we went to Thomas Land. Aiden has been twice before on his own with his Aunties but as extremely excited to show me and his sister around.

Faye could only go on some of the rides but the ones she did go on she was absolutely enthralled with.  Her favourite was getting to drive Harold and also the cable car which she giggled at all the way round.

On Tuesday we set off to fly to Dusseldorf for my Opa’s funeral at the end of the week. Aiden doesn’t use a buggy and hasn’t done for a long time but we decided for ease and speed on the journey we would take one this time. I was extremely glad we did as obviously he didn’t manage a nap so definitely needed to rest sometimes.

We took three trains, a plane and a sky train to get to our apartment in Germany and we took a lot of selfies with Aunty Hely’s fancy camera while Faye napped on the train.

Thank heavens for breastfeeding! Faye got to feed while taking off and landing so no discomfort with popping ears for her. It also meant she managed to sleep for an hour on me too which made her happy as anything for the rest of the journey.

We have only ever visited Germany in the Autumn before with the kids but as children ourselves, myself and my sister would spend every Summer there, usually enjoying 6 weeks of sun and outdoor play that we never experienced in the UK. It has been so lovely to let the kids do that this time and Aiden is completely obsessed with all the water and sand parks on every corner in the city!

My Mum whose father it is who has passed away is so much happier now the kids are here to distract her. Any excuse to play on a seesaw too!

  1. It is so nice to be able to get soaking wet in a water fight and simply take off your top and dry in the sun which is getting to around 31° each day. I am absolutely covering the kids in factor 50 as living in Scotland,  our skin isn’t use to the sun! Faye is pretty chuffed with her new sun hat too.

Isn’t it funny how something quite boring like shopping can be exciting in another country? It is even better when they have tiny Aiden sized trollys and also free wrapping paper and ribbon at the checkout  (when I was a kid supermarkets in Germany also use to have a ball pool with a TV and free crisps that you left the kids in whilst you shopped. It was blooming amazing!)

Aiden has been homing his footie skills with his Aunty Hely who is miles better than any of the lads in our family. We did however pass the ball to Aunty Sarah who kicked it and got it stuck in a tree… thank heavens we found a new Transformers one and all was well again!

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 22”

  1. Nothing wrong with sharing an extra picture or 2. Glad the trip went smoothly and the buggy sounds like a good idea.
    When we were in Germany we spent the whole summer running around with bare feet and hardly any clothes. Best 3 years of my life.
    Hugs to you all.
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