Oban seems to have its own little weather bubble.  We have had the most amazing week of weather. Others keep telling me they have rain and must and thunder storms but nothing here except sun and more sun.

Seems as Summer has come early and you never know in Britain if this will then be it till next year, we of course made the most of it and got the paddling pool Faye got for her birthday last year out. Both kids absolutely adore it and it is definitely a much loved gift as well as a great size for their sizes now. Maybe next year we will need a bigger one.

Ok so I didn’t take this photo (duh) but my sister in law just sent it over. There was only one photo of the four of us from the wedding and it isn’t exactly perfect but at least we are all in it and no-one is crying?… I wish people would take more photos of us together or indeed of me with the kid’s actually. It gets a bit depressing when I come to put the kid’s photo albums together and I’m in none.

Lunch break at work was an absolute treat! I found this sneaky hidden bench round the main house. I’ll definitely be making use of this spot whenever the weather allows.

Another day in the land of sunshine so the kids and I decided we would create their very own area in the garden for them to transform into a fairy garden with bug hotel and flowers especially for the bees. So far we have prepared the soil and sowed the seeds of a LOT of flowers in the hope that some will take. Next will be pebble painting to create pixie houses once I order some new paint.

I kept the handwritten name hearts that were on the wedding favours but I had no idea what I was going to do with them then I had a sudden flash of inspiration looking out the window at the kids new garden area so I hung them up to create our very own family tree!

Aiden requested that we visit the play park and invite Oma so we did just that. It is so lovely to be able to just meet up for a bit of a play and a spot of lunch where in the past my folks were a nine hour drive away.

This photo cracks me up. Faye was put in jail by Aiden and her and her trusty tiger Toto are seeing if the coast is clear to make a dash for it.

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 22”

  1. Gorgeous photo of you all and really nice to see in front of the camera for a change. The weather really has been lovely hasn’t it? I hope it lasts through summer!

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