I don’t even know what the date is, it has been one of those weeks! After the sad new last Saturday that my Opa had passed away, we had some fantastic news at the beginning of the week that the 2nd offer we had put on a house up near Oban had been accepted. We are moving home folks!!!

This is our new garden! Or at least most of it, there is actually an allotment too as it is 0.5 acres. I am so excited for the kids to be able to roam free!

We are down visiting my folks currently. Or rather my Dad as my Mum is already over in Germany. We will join her next week for Opa’s funeral but for now the wee ones (and me and my Dad) have been enjoying the sun and their garden.

Aiden found this old mobile in the baby toys box and what do you know, it makes a perfect fishing rod for the ball pool sandpit!

We went the park one morning and Aiden is now big enough to push me on the roundabout #gamechanger.

Peek a boo! Aiden has a new theatre toy from the local charity shop which he is mad about. You can open and close the curtain so whilst we were in the garden,  he wanted to pretend he was behind lots of theatre curtains.

Back in the garden again and the kids were so happy about it. We took inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy’s nature sculptures and decided to make our own (with a little help from the rescue helicopter too of course!) You can read all about it over on the blog as my #littlemakes post.

So that has been our week. How has yours been? Are you melting where you are? We are! Still it is nice to play outside!

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