I am all weddinged out now as we started the week with two weddings (the Royal one didn’t really count but it was everywhere) and I ended the week event managing the first wedding where I work.

Faye was a flower girl at her Uncle’s wedding and she was absolutely obsessed with these ducks and splashing the water all over the place, mainly on her dress. Luckily the sun was so warm she dried out before the ceremony!

Aiden was the Page Boy and he took his role so seriously it was extremely cute. I was so happy he liked wearing a kilt too as he never has before. He particularly liked swishing about in it on the dance floor.

No nap time caught up with Faye so when we turned around for a second she snuck onto our bed and fell asleep. We might have been a teeny tiny bit late for dinner but she just looked too cute to disturb.

We tried a local Vegetarian cafe called The Little Potting Shed that has recently been refurbished. You wouldn’t believe how lovely it is for a Vegetarian to have a whole menu to choose from. I had the Homity pie and it was so so yummy.

Spotted this in the Waterstones window so picked it up for my Dad for Father’s Day.  I had no ideas for this year so I was very happy to have seen this as I think he will like it.

We are looking to get a new family car. I love big cars and have finally won Keith over on to the side of getting a 7 seater so we went to go look at some. Faye was very happy with her Faye size car but I got pretty nervous as she wanted to scoot around the show room right by the brand-new and insanely shiny cars.

The sun has finally made it to Oban so we are making the most of it. I met my Mum at the park and both kids had a great time running full tilt. I am so happy Aiden is now a bit more up for trying things like climbing and jumping from rock to rock.

There are some stunning carved wood sculptures in the music and flower garden part of the park and it is so fun to see how much the kids grow as I have several photos of them on this throne.

The sun shinning and previously all the rain has meant the the grass is shooting up so so quick between mowing but I did manage to get a section of the garden done so the kids can at least play in that area .

I was woken at 2am on Friday morning by a screaming Aiden and the awful sight of my poor boy with mumps. I figured straight away that is was mumps but took him to A&E anyhow and they confirmed it. He has been so good even though he must be in pain.

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 21”

  1. Hope Aiden is starting to feel better, such a shame after his very important page boy duties! That picture of Faye asleep is adorable. I am struggling at the moment with a 7 seater as it is too small, can’t wait to get back to a 9 seater!

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