My apologies for the lateness of this post. My Opa (Grandad) died on Saturday morning so my Mum has flown to Germany and me and the kids drove down to England to be with my Dad until we all fly out to Germany next week. Here very briefly then was our week before everything else happened. Opa was almost 90 and in ill health so it was expected but it has still saddened us all greatly.

Once again the end of the week had been totally consumed by house hunting as we went back up to Oban for a second viewing of the house we love with the absolutely ginormous garden. To add to the hectic weekend we had put an offer in before we heard about my Ooa which was rejected but we increased the bid and the offer was accepted!!! We will be moving to our 170 year old house with the 0.5 acre garden at the start of July. Things just got really busy didn’t they!

This girl will move so fast across the room to get to food.

The kids actually playing together which was so fab to see.

What are you doing down their Mum?! It is so much more fun up here!

Grandad posted these Lego sticker books up to Aiden. I think the photo says it all!

Little Miss Faye can pull herself to sitting now and nearly up to standing so when she wakes at night I can find her like this. Super proud and also a bit super tired!

The new Autumn  Laurence King catalogue arrived! So many books that look absolutely spot on for my wee book worm.

Keith has a few days off work and the sun was shinning so we went to visit a sculpture park called Jupiter Artland for the first time. It was a really fun and interesting day with a truly yummy lunch to top it all off.

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 20”

  1. So sorry to hear about your Opa, it can be difficult when they are away from your home.
    Bet you will be glad when the house move is over, well done on securing the sale, least in Scotland you cannot be gazumped. Oban is lovely, I may need to come visit next time I am there.
    Oooohhhh standing and trying to walk Lovely to see them playing together.
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