I’m writing this week’s Project 365 as I go through the week because on Saturday we have a big wedding to go to. Ok it might not be THE biggest wedding taking place on Saturday the 19th but it is Keith’s brother’s wedding and Aiden is Page boy and Faye Flower girl so we are all very excited. Before the wedding we have family catch ups and rehearsal dinners etc so I’ll be super busy for a few days and going nowhere near the blog.

Last weekend was Lego club and it was so sweet that a load of parents and kids asked if they could stay and help me tidy up at the end. It made it a lot more fun for Aiden who is normally getting a bit bored and ready for lunch by the end. He was absolutely loving being in charge of the snow shovel this week.

Magformers had very kindly donated two huge kits to the Lego Club but when I came to pack them away with the rest of the club toys, my two were having none if it. So I have said they can play with them this week and we had a lovely afternoon out in the garden with them.

Not the most exciting photo but it is to me as it means we might soon be getting rid of the absolutely disgustingly filthy carpets that were in our house when we moved in and getting some lovely new flooring that can be wiped clean!

I was round at my folks this week and they needed to put some things up in the loft. I don’t like them going up there so I always help with that. It seems Faye was keen to lend a hand too. Not a not if fear this one!

The first of the items to be featured in the kid’s birthday gift guides this Summer arrived. They are so cute and the quality was a lovely surprise. Now I just need to bake more with the kids. A great excuse to eat cake…

Another slightly boastful photo of my view at work. There is nowhere on earth that I find as beautiful as Scotland. And I just adore being so close to the sea.

We have moved in to the castle in preparation for the wedding so I am signing off!

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