Day 8 

I forgot to take a photo today. The first day of week 2 of this project and I forgot to complete it. This does not bode well. Luckily Keith had snapped Aiden playing with his Christmas present kitchen and making us some cake for breakfast. Living the dream.

Day 9

Shockingly bad photo but makes me smile as this is the first time EVER that Aiden has asked me to take a photo. He came running through to tell me he had built the longest train in the world ever and to please take a picture! Also he has just learnt how to do thumbs up!

Day 10 

Today thr first of the items I will be reviewing for my blog post on the search to help Faye with her teething arrived. A gorgeous amber anklet from The Crystal Buddha. It is so tiny and beautiful and after wearing it all day, Faye slept seven straight hours which she hasn’t done in weeks. Gosh I hope it’s not just a coincidence!

Day 11 
OK so I didn’t actually take the first photo myself but I love it. Today we went to a friend of Aiden’s 3rd birthday and we had a blast. I love the kids my kids are friends with bur even more importantly for me at their age, I love their Mums. Best Mum squad out there! I had no idea this photo was being taken but I am clearly having a blast, as are the kids.

The second photo was actually taken yesterday and is Aiden making the birthday card for his pal January.

Day 12 

Aiden is absolutely fascinated by tiny figures and has always much preferred toys for older kids. His current obsession is Lego from Nana’s house that is almost 30 years old and watching Daddy paint his old Warhammer figures from the loft.

Day 13 

It had snowed in the night but not enough to make snowmen or have snowball fights or anything so Aiden wasn’t really fussed with going out. Instead I wrapped Faye up and her and myself went for a beautifully crisp morning stroll.

Day 14 

Keith is off to work away for a few weeks tomorrow so today we had a great family day together at the Glasgow Science Center. Aiden was totally in his element as it was a special dinosaur day for little explorers. If he could, I think he would have happily stayed there for ever and ever because even the cafe was a hit (boy does love mac cheese!)

We have had a great week and I don’t want Keith to leave but needs must. Let’s see what next week and single parenting (albeit temporary!) brings.

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 2”

  1. Ours love their toy kitchen as well, play with it for hrs.
    Is the ankle bracelet not for chewing on? does it work some other way? Nice that you got out even if Aiden was not keen.
    Hope your short period of single parenting goes ok. My SIL works away from home and is home in season for approx 36 hrs a week.
    Quite right to be proud of his train.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 2My Profile

  2. lovely play kitchen, we got rid of ours before Christmas but my two loved it for years.
    Your daughter asleep – awww she is gorgeous 🙂
    and those little chubby feet – too cute. Pleased that the amber bracelet has worked x

  3. Oh, some lovely photo. We used an amber anklet for N and I swear it worked. He didn’t suffer (until last few molars), and the one time the OH removed it and I took him swimming without realising, he had a nightmare lesson. Put it back on and he calmed down.

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