It has been a funny old week. I didn’t get the Opperations Manager post but did get offered the Events Manager which will allow me to work mainly from home with just a day or so on site which is absolutely ideal. And in an amusing turn of events, they need someone to cover my old post so I suggested my Mum and she starts on Tuesday! She is absolutely thrilled and it will mean her making more connections in her new community.

Aiden has always been a very cautious and safety conscious boy (I have no idea where he gets it from as o am forever saying why not climb higher etc) but since he started nursery and has lots of slightly older friends I have noticed him climbing about more. It is absolutely lovely to see and this tickled me as planking was a thing before he was even born.

The view from the hut at work was looking particularly scrumptious in the sun. I really need to learn a bit more about the trees and flowers on the grounds Americans keep asking me about them!

This is a fire pixie that Aiden drew for the two pixies who live in our house, Veet and Voot. Obviously. You can see though that he has hands and point boots and a stark hat (Aiden explaining what pixie hats are) as well as a moustache to show he is a boy pixie apparently

Aiden got a chop for the wedding next weekend. I like his hair all messy curly but his uncle who’s wedding it is and his Dad prefer it a bit shorter especially in Summer so we thought we’d get it cut for the wedding. It will always grow back and he does look very neat and it happy with it. He doesn’t look 3 anymore though that’s for sure!

Both Faye and Aiden had a few days of bizarrely high temperatures (39.5) but no other symptoms except being tired. Faye fell asleep on the sofa right before lunch two days in a row which is completely u heard of as she never sits still.

I purposefully named the Lego Club, Master Builders: Lego and Creative Construction Club so that I could include a few other great building toys too. It is great for variety I think and there are so many clever toys out there now that promote STEM learning. Lego obviously draws in the crowds but I think it will be nice for kids and parents to see what else is available. I was thrilled then when Magformers who I had worked with previously on the blog, kindly donated two huge sets to the club. I can’t wait to see the other kids faces.

A friend of ours very kindly gave us a load of clothes her daughter has grown out of. I think it is so nice when people pass on things as it saves us a fortune and us so much better for the environment too. Faye was certainly chuffed with her new togs.

One of the women who brings her kids to Lego Club just so happens to be an engineer too. I am going to run a special themed club in June to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day and have asked her to come talk/play with the kids. I was so happy when she said she would and then shocked at her generosity when she popped these two electronics kits into the house as a donation to the club. I’ll have to say it again, people are so kind!

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  1. The magformers look so good. I’ve not heard of them but I might look for my Z. Well done on becoming an event manager, you sound brilliant at organising big things so this might be your niche!

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