Keith is still working night’s this week but at least the kids get to see his as they wake up and go to bed. It has made trying to get things moving with buying our first house a but tricky but we are getting there. In fact I have been so busy working on accounts and projections etc that I have had hardly any time for the blog. Here then is a super speedy tour of the week before I get back to the spreadsheets.

It is finally sunny sunny but as this is still Scotland folks we go out prepared with raincoat and hat. Aiden was pretending to be a starfish here.  And why not ay? Why not.

Keith had a day (well it was night time but it was a day to him!) of work so he spent it making Aiden a great cardboard sword and helmet. We had a fantastic play battle the next day out on our morning walk which we always go on to let Keith sleep and Faye nap in the pram.

Aiden’s latest favourite thing to do is to take all the cushions off the sofas and pile them on the floor to build various spacecrafts from Star Wars. Here I am up top a X-wing enjoying a cuppa herbal tea of course.

Faye has had a few really rotten night’s again and I am back to breastfeeding each time she wakes as I am so tired and she is so very good at screaming. Thank heavens she is cute ay.

Sun! Quick to the garden. Oh there is the wind. Back inside again. Well we had a nice half an hour or so and whilst Faye took the skittles exceptionally serious, Aiden found everything roll on the floor funny.

Faye had her nine month check. She has dropped percentile in the weight but noone is concerned as she eats tonnes bit is active all the time. In height however she is 78cm!! That is actually the very highest point on the graph! She is on the 99.6th percentile now. A force to be reckoned with I think. And all the tall girl wants to do these days is stand up so I think she will be like her brother and walk instead of crawling.

Aiden is really interested in letters and numbers so when I told him this was the year he was born he was pretty excited.

Happy May 4th! I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t even seen all the films but Aiden is Star Wars mad since watching the Lego version and getting all Daddy’s old toys out if Nana’s loft. He seems to have passed his obsession on to his sister too.

Every morning Aiden waits untill 7am when the sun comes up on his Groclock and then he comes running into our room and he and I snuggle and read until his sister wakes.  It is the perfect way to get up and I have no idea how I am going to master getting up earlier and having breakfast etc done in time to get to nursery when he does a few mornings from August.

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