We are almost in May!  And May is just the month before June and in June my baby boy turns three! Recently it seems like time is just slipping through our hands and I don’t like it one bit. We have had one of those weeks were we haven’t done anything much but we have done lots of it you know?

Just like with Aiden, I put Faye on the toilet from four months. I do it whenever she shows signs of ‘going’ or just as I am changing her nappy. She consistently does her poo on the toilet now probably every other day so we are getting there. I like this approach as less dirty nappies and it has certainly worked with Aiden that he never feared the toilet and in fact enjoyed it more and hates going in his nappy so he was our of them before he was 18 months. Fingers crossed the same happens with Faye. She claps when she goes on the toilet so I am hoping that us a good sign!

Keith is working nights currently so he sleeps upstairs all day long as his night. He will actually sleep through anything but I am still conscious of how loud we are so all this week we have been leaving the house after breakfast and walking places locally to enjoy the sun and get some exercise in. After a particularly long walk Aiden asked to go in the buggy which he rarely does so I said yes. He didn’t however want to sit of the purpose built double seat of our Phil & Teds. No he wanted to sit on the front of the buggy and hold on for dear life!

One afternoon we had an absolute blast just playing with all the art supplies after having spent the morning reading through all the really great art books for kids that Laurence King publishers sent over to us. Aiden usually hates getting messy but he got really stuck in which was a joy to see.

I am a woman on a mission! Sort of. I had intended last weekend to start my big final push to shift the last half stone of additional weight I have put on carrying two babies. However, as I had sick kids I needed chocolate most days this week to make it through! I weigh 9s 8lb currently and aim to be back to the 9s I was pre both kids by the time Faye turns one in July. Can I do it though? The last bit of weight is really hard to loose so I am taking photos to hopefully document me shifting the Mummy tummy!

Even though we are planning on moving away from the area as we don’t love it, one thing we do love and will miss is the Museum of Scottish Railways being quite literally a stones throw away. We have an annual pass (it cost £8 and free for kids so total bargain) and honestly we use to go every single week untill I had Faye. We went back this week and Aiden asked in the afternoon if we could go back so I think the weekly visits are back on!

A friend of mine has gone to work full time recently and Aiden is missing her boy who is just 10 days older and who we would see several times a week before this. Now he is at nursery full time and Aiden doesn’t understand why we can’t visit Danny. So we made a card a picked up a small book on dinosaurs for 20p in the charity shop and we went and posted it through their door for when they got home.

My poor wee girl is ill but I have no idea with what. Could be teething, a cold, start of chickenpox. I have no idea but she is not smiling and she always smiles. She is screaming all day and falling asleep in really odd positions. Aiden has never once done that so it is amusing us greatly.

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 17”

  1. Your mum tum doesn’t look bad at all to me! Good luck with shifting the last bit of the weight though.
    I think your toilet idea is amazing. My younger two potty trained with no effort whatsoever, but my eldest was quite hard work and wouldn’t poo on the toilet until he was 3 and a half 🙁
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