This week Keith has been away first with work and then for his brother’s Stag in Budapest. Thankfully he is taking all this coming week off work to be home with the kids while I go to work and have a job interview as the place I just started at but for a new post that has been created for an Operations Manager. A long time ago (well 4 years) being a CEO and Ops Manager was what I did so I am pretty excited about the interview. If I don’t get it, at least I have it a shot. Here was last week.

I left Aiden watching tv whilst I played up the dinner. I foolishly thought Faye was with him. Turns out she had climbed onto the table and emptied the entire bottle of salt everywhere!! She came through to the kitchen to show me her hands all white and I honestly did not put two and two together until she took me through to the table to show me what had happened.

Finally we had a sunny day AND a day that The Pokey Hat ice cream shop was open. We all got cones except Faye who has a tub of cookies and cream ice cream as I was sure she would drop a cone and be absolutely furious. She didn’t drip I single bit out of the tub as she absolutely adored it so I actually think she wouldn’t let a cone drop either. She was however giving everyone who walked past her evil side eye as if to say don’t you even look at my ice cream! Hehe.

Aiden got a Lego house set from me as a present for helping out so much at Lego club. For once I was the one who helped him build it as Keith was away. I am a bit stricter than Keith and get Aiden to do all the building himself with me just helping if he gets stuck. Keith tends to just build the kids and then give them to Aiden to play with but he is getting better at not just doing that since I said it might not be the best way for Aiden to learn. It took Aiden 4 days to build this kit but he was so so proud when he finished it himself.

Cheating a touch as Keith took this not me but he was at his brother’s house and sent me a photo of what Aiden will be carrying the rings down the aisle in for his wedding. How friggin cute is that?! I think he’ll be pretty happy to be Paige boy now!

Keith sent me the first photo as he and his brother were getting a hot shave at a Turkish barber and decided why not get their nose and ears waxed at the same time. He knew I’d absolutely rip him for it but it did make me chuckle so Aiden and I recreated it and sent it back.

In just a few weeks Faye will be a flower girl at her Aunt and Uncle’s wedding. There is absolutely no telling what she will do. Aiden will listen and follow instructions but Faye is a whole other matter. We played weddings at home to practice the walk and petal sprinkling. Of course this isn’t the actual flower girl dress, I’m not totally insane!

Yeay I got another photo of my two together. This is becoming my own little obsession as I just love photos of them next to each other. Aiden looks so tall here and for once he was the one keen for photos to be taken and Faye was wriggling to get away.

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