This week my folks have been visiting and Keith is home after working away for a few weeks so it has just flown by in a blur.

Nana made Faye an Easter bonnet which she liked a lot although more to chew on than wear! I remember making these when I was a kid and my Mum going all out so I am pretty excited about making them with the kids when they are a bit older. Someone told me boys don’t wear bonnets but I think noone actually wears bonnets anymore and be damned with stupid gender definement so I am definitely making one with Aiden next year.

Aiden might not have had an Easter bonnet this year but he is sporting the extremely colourful ‘Scottish Summer’ hat his Oma got him and I think it is safe to say it suits him very well. Here he is peeking through a sculpture we found at an allotment of all places.

My folks (previously mentioned Oma and Grandad) came to visit for a few days on their way back down to England from the Highlands. We were so lucky to get a few lovely sunny days and made the most of the weather by visiting the Kelpies with them for the first time. Aiden has been here plenty so was not for standing still for a photo.

By a strange twist of fat my parents had been in Oban on holiday before they headed down to us but then a house came up we wanted to go view so we left the kids with my folks and headed up for the day. It was the first time I have left Faye for more than a few hours as she still normally breastfeeds three times a day including at lunchtime. Neither of my kids have ever taken a bottle and I am crap at expressing anyhow so I was lucky that she has started sleeping most of the night but my supply is still up so I hand expressed a cup full over the few days before and my Mum gave it to Faye in a cup at lunch. Apparently she giggled like crazy when she realised it was milk and not water.

The house in Oban was no good but ever the opportunist, Keith had brought his dry suits up in the car so he checked them for leaks at the beach at Ganavan.

After dropping my folks off at the train station the next day I popped the park with the kids and Aiden was all smiles with these lively toadstool sculptures.

Poor Faye woke up early early on Friday and was sick everywhere. This of course threw the whole day of kilter and nap time was spent on Daddy which was extremely cute as she never does this. I think Keith was happy to also ‘have’ to nap.

Aiden is getting so much more adventurous at the park and it is great to see his confidence grow. He climbed on this without even hesitating and was happy bouncing away straight away as well as rock climbing and all sorts.

We love going the library but this is actually the first time we have taken Faye and she has actually looked at the books on her own almost. And she didn’t eat them which is always good!

So it has been a pretty jam packed week for us bur then again it always does seem to be that way. I can’t remember the last time I had a quiet one. How about you? Β Is it even possible to have a quiet week once you have kids?!

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9 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 16”

  1. I like Ganavan beach, handy for walks as well as the beach and handy public toilets.
    Shame the house in Oban was no good. You are miles away from anywhere up there but a nice place in the Summer.
    Nice to get them use to the library, agreat place to visit.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 16My Profile

  2. If Aiden wants to make an Easter bonnet then go for it, he could help make one next year for his siter if he doesn’t want to wear it himeslef. Life gets busier after the kids leave home, with all the travelling to visit them

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