This week I feel both like I have got my mojo back and also like I’m coming down with a cold from running around like a mad person being Mum and returning to work (and Lego club and helping my folks etc) but all in all it has been a lovely week.

I love getting snaps of the kids together as it doesn’t often happen they both stay still long enough. You can see with Faye’s blury hand that she was just about to jump down and Chase after a dog or something! Aiden of course wanted to pull faces…

A shameless selfie to document how my curly girl method is working on my hair. My curls are definitely easier to look after and are getting more defined. Still a long way off the gorgeous photos you see on Instagram of curly girls with insane bounce and volume. I have to keep reminding myself I only started this in January.

My new job is set on some stunning grounds so I took a few photos as I was walking to my office from the main house this week. Obviously I was drawn to the fairy garden and bug hotel as Aiden loved these when he visited with his forest school a few weeks ago.

Timing is everything. Faye was sat playing in this submarine at the park, looking very cute in her pigtails and duffle coat and smiling beautifully. Got out my camera and this is her response. That’s my girl! Sums up her personality perfectly so I love it.

We were sent this new coat from Didriksons so took some review shots. Luckily Aiden totally loves the hood so was more than happy to smile and show it off. I love the colour especially as it will then be passed down to Faye and she already often wear a lot of blue so this will be a nice change.

Our local tip has a charity shop attached to it. I might gave mentioned this before as I just think it is the best idea ever! We saw this there this week so simply had to buy it. It came with a whole set if beautiful furniture too and Faye has played with it every day since.

As Faye has a new dolls house she has given her old one to Aiden to turn into a Lego house. He has decided it is a Lego rescue station and we have started building bits to go in each zone such as a vending machine for the police when they want a drink.

I was trying to get a photo of me in the jacket Didriksons sent me to review only that means someone other than me taking the photos so the light isn’t great and then if course Faye wanted Mummy. I actually really like this candid shot though as it is me in my natural Mum state just giving up the photo shoot and saying come here then you softy.

We had friends of Aiden’s over to play so we decided to bake the treats. Heaven knows what possessed me as I hate baking and cooking normally. Aiden wanted to make a lemon drizzle cake but we settled on lemon drizzle cupcakes. Amazingly they were eatable and I didn’t burn them. Woohoo.

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6 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 16”

  1. Your new place of work looks wonderful! Love your curls, I think they look gorgeous as they are. Faye in submarine is adorable. And that doll’s house is special. I never had a proper one as a child. My Mum assembled something for me from a big tray as a base and made furniture from recycled boxes, and I loved it.
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  2. Your new place of work looks lovely. I hope you enjoy. Love the curls too. You look fabulous. I do love that dollhouse, I’d love to get one of those. How special xx

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