This week is a bit of a blur as Keith is still working away (although he is getting home tonight and then fingers crossed working home based for the next job!) so it has just been me and my two.  My Mother in Law has had a horrible cold so we haven’t even visited her as she didn’t want to pass anything on to the kids who are finally free of sickness themselves after what seems like months and months of it going from one thing to the next.

It is tempting when you don’t have any set plans or people to see to just stay indoors bur that is always a huge mistake I find. Both me and the kids always feel better after getting out of the house. It is sometimes a tad tricky with two of them especially as Faye is still obviously carried or pushed everywhere, bit Aiden is such an understanding chap if you explain to him why you don’t have two free hands. There were some really lovely and sunny days so every time it was good weather we made the most of it and went to a whole variety of parks. Aiden likes going to new ones each day so we have to know quite a lot of them.

This week we also made an a Easter bunch which is one of my favourite German traditions that we have always done at home even though I am agnostic. I celebrate the Spring solstice and chocolate 😉 We made my Mother in law a bunch of tulips card using some paint and a fork to hopefully cheer her up and will drop it round at the weekend with one of those cute Easter plants they do at Lidl. We also had a lot of fun with this week’s #littlemakes as I came up with three toddler activities to do with an empty Ferrero Rocher box. Something in that activity for us all!

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 15”

  1. I totally agree with you about the importance of getting outside every day! I love that top photo of Aiden peering through the apple shape. I hope Keith gets to work closer to home for a while now, it can’t be easy managing two small children on your own.
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  2. are those colourful figures the ones you can get from Lidil? there are so many – how on earth did you manage to collect so many? I am impressed and I am also loving the empty chocolate box (good work there ) and then using it as a sorting tray for those figures. clever idea. your egg decorated tree is very pretty. x

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