When I was uploading my photos just now for the week I realised I have a pretty boring selection to share this week. It has been my first week returning to work after four years as I started a new job this week at a heritage site. It is a wonderful place to work and I am so so enjoying some me time and finding my own identity separate from being a Mum. It is however a period of adjustment as I try to balance everything and my folks watch the kid’s a few days a week. It will all change again in a year when Aiden starts school and Faye nursery but this job came up now and I would have been disappointed not to get involved so we shall muddle through.

Last weekend I ran a table top sale at our local council run events centre. It was very popular and I had people trying to book the next one before this one had even come to a close. Unfortunately when I then went along to pay the hire fee on Monday and book the next one I was told the price had gone up from £44 per hour to hire to £168! As o charged £1 entry it is to he deemed a commercial hire. They reduced the rate for this one as they had agreed this price with me six weeks ago but I won’t be able to hold another and the Oban public were pretty angry when I let them know via FB. Luckily not at me.

I haven’t started tackling the main part of our garden yet as it us so big and in such a state I think I need to hire a skip. However I did plant some pots of flowers on the decking a few weeks ago and they are all flowering at the moment and look glorious.

We had a few days of sun again this week so whilst the kids napped I painted the table and chairs set I bought from the charity shop a while back with some of the Libeton paint I have been sent to review. It covers everything and goes on so think. I was very pleased.

The shed we painted last week got it’s ends done and photographed for the review once I write it. Yes that is a car flap in the shed. No we don’t have a cat. I have no idea how to get rid of it but maybe the neighbours cat can take shelter from sudden down pours or something.

We met friends for lunch and playing at a local soft play and Aiden insisted I take this photo to send to Keith who is working away until next month. He was hiding from his friend as they were playing cops and robbers. I’m not so sure he is as invisible as he thinks…

I love how the table and chairs came out and can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and read my book in the sun. Oh no wait I have two kid’s! This photo is staged although one day I do hope to actually do this so it is for inspiration!

It is the second Lego club meeting today and I wonder if we will get as many folk in as last time. I bought prizes with some of the money I made last time so will be running two competitions for the kids. One to build a bridge that we will then test with weights till it breaks. I hope I don’t make any kids cry! The other is a general building competition to build your dream house so that everyone can give it a go.

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 15”

  1. sounds like you’ve been really busy, that was unfair with the table sale, but at least they let you have the original price agreed and glad the ‘locals’ didn’t take it out on you. the table and chairs look good, i know what you mean about having to stage a photo and the reality. Good luck with the new job, hope it goes well and you don’t have to juggle too much stuff, but it must be nice having your parents near by now to help out
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