The week started with chocolate and we are still eating chocolate today. I am avoiding stepping on the scales this week that is for sure. Anyone else find it impossible to say no to chocolate if it is in the house? The only way I can resist is if I would have to go the shops to get some as laziness wins out.

The kids left out their painted eggs as an offering to the Easter Bunny (yep I went all Pagan on the holiday) and in the morning there were eggs all over the garden to find. It worked out pretty well as no way was Aiden giving up his painted Eggy and Death Star egg unless it was to a giant Easter Bunny. They were beginning to smell so I am glad he ran with it.

We actually had a few days in a row of really glorious sunshine so whilst the kids napped, Keith and I donned his overalls and got to painting the shed. Libeton had sent me a whole range of outdoor paint and I absolutely love this Kale colour. It makes all the difference and it is like we have a totally new shed now. Next the house! Although I think we will need a bit longer than two sunny days for that.

Another day of sunshine so we thought we’d test out the tent my folks had got Keith and I for Christmas four years ago. They got us it before we told them I was pregnant with Aiden so we have never actually had the chance to use it. Now we have a garden big enough to test it out we did just that. Once you get the poles in the right order it is really easy to put up and the kids had a lot of fun playing in it. Next we will take it over to Mull for their first actual camping trip.

In May Faye will be the flower girl at her Uncle’s wedding so I have been putting her hair up and in different style recently to get her use to it for the wedding and any hairstyle they would like her to wear. Today’s was super fast as she was wriggling everywhere but once in she did leave it there!

We went to visit my MIL and to try out Faye’s flower girl outfit. I never actually dress her in pretty white dresses as she is rather more suited to trousers for climbing but she did look extremely adorable (and she still managed to climb all over Nana’s house!)

The Centre at Livingston had a few Lego events on including build your own Lego mini figure so we made the whole family. Aiden picked the accessories and apparently I got a megaphone because I’m in charge. Got that right kid! Aiden also made a section of a giant mosaic and I was impressed with his concentration doing it.

We got a great donation of LOTR Lego for the club so I plan on making a special table next weekend where I will ask the kids to build bits for the LOTR world.

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 14”

  1. Great to get another donation for the lego club, and a theme seems appropriate. Great you manage to get to Livingston to spend time with more lego.
    She is Adorable with a capital A in that dress.
    Nice you got some dry weather for an egg hunt.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 14My Profile

  2. Wow, that tent is big! Faye looks adorable in that pretty dress. The shed’s looking good too, nice colour. How lovely to have LOTR set added to your Lego stash. I think this range is very pricey now, as it was a limited edition. Maybe encourage the little people not to mix it up with the other sets.
    Galina V recently posted…Photo diary: week 14, project 365My Profile

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