Today is the first Lego Club so I’m going to have to keep this brief before I run off to build all morning / I only half wrote this post so here is a quick snap of the Lego Club in action today. 140 kid’s in 2 hours and thousands of Lego bricks! This table is about a fith of it all.

At the start of the week we decorated eggs for Aiden’s nursery, only Faye smashed hers before any paint could go on it so we decided it was safer for all concerned if we just gave her paper to paint. Here she is wondering how all the paint brushes ended up on the painting. I wonder…

Aiden named one of his eggs “Eggy” and he has grown rather attached to him. Luckily I have convinced him to leave the eggs in the garden on Saturday night in the hope the Easter Bunny will come and leave chocolate eggs in its place. Before I had kids I said I would never lie to them. Now I relish these imagination games I can play all the time.

Aiden didn’t win a prize at the nursery decorating competition even with “Eggy” and his “Death star egg” but he was ok with that. I think I took it worse as he had done all the design and painting himself whereas a lot of the other entries were clearly 90% made by the adults. I didn’t cause a scene but I did have a good grumble to Keith about it.

We had been sent a whole pile of Lego Books from DK as a donation for the club. They hadn’t asked for anything in exchange but I happen to think the books are amazing so thought I’d do a review piece for them. Got some photos taken whilst the kids napped and the light was good.

We featured in the paper again although they did get the time of the event wrong which was pretty annoying. Luckily it was 10-12 and they put 10-2 so noone missed out.

We went along to the Ocean Explorer Centre one morning with my folks as they have never been. Aiden insisted on wearing this had of course! It was such gorgeous day that we also took a walk along the water front.

This was the car before Lego club. We also had a shandee and more boxes in the van. I am building a case to get a 7 seater!!

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3 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 13”

  1. Your Lego club is amazing! You must have been so pleased with how it went. I would have had a moan about the eggs being decorated by adults too! I never even told my kids there was an Easter Bunny, but they believed it anyway!

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