This week I have tried to make a conscious effort to put down my phone more which has resultedin much more enjoyable family time but less blog work getting done and less photos getting taken. You know what? I’m ok with that.

Here are a few I did snap though (heck I’m not stopping taking photos altogether, just maybe a few less) We actually this week went to quite a few places were you wouldn’t take photos anyhow like an absolutely huge waterproof that Keith use to go to as a kid and wanted to take Aiden. Aiden was so very excited it was a huge shame that he ran out of the changing cubicle and slipped really badly bashing his head on the tiles. He was absolutely besides himself as was rather sensitive for the while time we were there from then on. Think next time I might see if I can get some of those shies you wear in the water too as a few kids had them and then he shouldn’t slip again.

Faye has had a great week, she has learnt how to clap now and can sometimes wave too. She says Mum (so funny because it sounds very grown-up!) and Mama but not always directed at me. Her new car seat arrived from Finland so she has the same as Aiden and will be kept rear-facing just as Aiden still is. Review to follow soon if any of you are on the look out for a car seat that covers 6 months to 12 years with extended rear-facing.

We have had some fab walks in the Spring sun recently. Aiden loves finding a stick whenever we are out. It becomes all kinds of things while we are out and then Aiden always leaves it where he found it just incase it is Stickman. I love my sensitive and caring boy!!

On the days we haven’t been out exploring because of the weather or sickness, we have been having a blast with all the amazing books and games Laurence King publishers sent over for bookworm Aiden. He had a great time learning about animal tracks and next time we are out we are definitely going to hunt some down.

Faye got this gorgeous doll named Belladonna  (long story short that was the name I always told my sister I would call my daughter since I was like 10 years old!) from Hely when she was born. She has Faye sewn on her dress and is such a gorgeous doll. I wanted to get a good photo of her playing with the doll. Faye mainly just wanted to chew her…

I can’t remember why they needed head torches but they did and the also did the weekly shop in Lidl wearing them… need I say more!?

This week I got my hair cut for the first time in a year. I am quite lucky having naturally curly hair means my hair can almost get away with not getting cut for quote some time but honestly it was a hot mess! So bad so that Aiden told me it needed cutting off with a kitchen knife! I booked a last minute appointment and got it sorted. I feel so so much better and more myself again (although the hairdo always straighten my hair which doesn’t look like me at all)

On Thursday Aiden mentioned he was feeling sad and unwell but we thought he was just angling to watch more tv as he mainly gets that when he is ill which he has been a lot recently. Sadly on Friday we had to take him the doctors as he definitely wasn’t faking and had a temperature, swollen glands and was shaking. Doctor says it is most likely just a viral infection so calpol, snuggles and Disney it is. Hopefully it passes quicker than the last few illnesses as we are all fed up of being sick!

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10 thoughts on “#Project 365 – Week 12”

  1. Poor Aiden, hope he starts to pick up quickly and Faye does not get it.
    The twins were 3 last November and they are still rear facing, and will be for a long while yet.
    I like the look of the animal track cards.

  2. They look very happy in their car seats. Poor Aiden! He does look poorly in that photo. Hope his illness is short-lived. My son has had a virus which lasted the whole week 🙁
    I think it’s three or four years since I last got my hair cut! Like yours, it’s quite curly and it just seems to have stopped growing! I also don’t seem to get split ends any more, so I figure why bother getting it cut?
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 26.3.17My Profile

  3. I love the random stuff you end up buying in Lidl! ANd how wonderful that your boy leaves his sticks in case they are Stick man – so cute! I am a big curly girly too and get so hot and bothered with it sometimes – a few years ago it all went off to a pixie cut but now it hasn’t been cut for years. I also had a hairdresser way back that would always straighten it – I think he was scared of the curls!!
    76sunflowers recently posted…Project 365 2017 #12My Profile

  4. Oooo rear facing up to 12! Your hair looks lovely, even if you feel it isn’t you when straight. Mine isn’t straight nor curly and my hairdresser always puts soft curls in it which lasts no time at all, I never feel myself until I’ve washed it myself 🙂
    Faye looks so happy chewing on her doll, and really exciting to be clapping now! #project365
    Emma Gordon recently posted…Olallie Lake via Pratt Lake TrailMy Profile

  5. Poor Aiden – I hope he’s better soon. I’m intrigued by the extended rear facing seats – they weren’t really a thing for my son, but we kept him rear facing for over a year in his first seat.
    Erica Price recently posted…A New SuitMy Profile

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