My parents have lived in Oban for a week now and this week also my sister, her partner and their baby daughter have been up to visit us all so we have managed to get my folks house pretty much ship shape with just the little bits like hanging pictures left to do.

At the start of the week we had sun so I took the chance to do some gardening for a blog post and because we now have a big garden and plants always cheer me up no end. I hit a tiny snag in that I couldn’t find any of our gardening tools but I did the kid’s ones so used them.

Aiden woke one afternoon from his nap and I was still in the garden so he helped me finish off the potting of the plants from Lazy Flora. He loved getting stuck in and has been checking on them every day since.

Faye is an absolute softy when it comes to soft toys. She started with just one or two in bed and the rest stored elsewhere in her room but somehow they are now all in her bed with only a few not (and that is only a matter of time!) Don’t kids look angelic when they nap.

I finally wrote up a post on the reading book / mini kid’s library I made in the space between the kid’s rooms so took some more photos for that.

My teeny tiny 4 month old niece and Faye were twinning it so we obviously needed to get a photo. It is nearly impossible to get two kids to look at the camera at the same time but at least they are both happy.

I haven’t quite finished the kid’s art wall but added a few more frames so took some more photos for the blog post. It is funny how many people don’t notice it as they head upstairs and then seem really surprised when they spot it heading back down.

My Mum wanted a photo of all of the grandkids together. If you thought two kid’s looking and smiling at the camera at the same time was hard, imagine three. Here is the best one. I take looking after his wee cousin so seriously. It is extremely cute.

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