This week can be summed up simply in one word; sickness. So so much sickness.

The start of the week, well these #project 365 weeks, was still the weekend and me and the kids were still down on holiday in Grange-over-Sands with my family for my Mum’s 60th. Faye and Aiden had both been sick (several times) but I hadn’t fallen victim yet! That joy was spared me till Tuesday. Anyhow you get it, we are all still sick a week later and it is awful but we have done some fun things in the middle.

We visited a miniature village which was stunning and Aiden’s imagination about invisible pixies fishing was fab. We went to a lovely bird wild park as my Dad is a huge ‘Twitcher’ and everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Aiden with his Grandad’s binoculars.

Just before leaving Grange I had a wonderful encounter with a stranger (found out he is called Mike) who witnessed a rather chaotic lunch at the cafe we were all in. Instead of tutting or judging, he sketched me!! I had no idea he was doing this till he came up to me at the end and showed me he had captured the moment.  I could have cried. People are good.

A lot of the week has been spent indoors playing lego and having play battles (I hate play battles but Aiden loves them) and we even dressed Faye up as BB8 for Aiden.

We went to visit the kids Great grandfather and take him to lunch which everyone enjoy. Aiden charmed the staff of course and all the OAP’s who were in for lunch too. It was very cute to watch and always makes me proud.

The car had to go in for it’s MOT and then the electricians needed the house for a view hours with drilling so we needed to take Faye out for her morning nap. Well we had left the buggy in the car in the garage of course so dug put a double we have never used as Aiden walks everywhere. Of course he wanted in and as he is still sick it looked like it was a sensible idea!

So how has your week been? Any signs of Spring where you are? It is chilly here so if you see some sun send it our way please!

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 11”

  1. oh dear at you going down with it, but very difficult not to when you are so hands on with the children.

    How lovely to get a sketch done.

    We use to play battles when the kids were young, they use to love passing a wet afternoon with plastic soldiers hidden behind cushions and then tossing balled up socks as bombs at them.
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