Well this week has been ordinarily eventful if that makes sense. It was my birthday but not a particularly special one. Keith is still working away but his family who live near very kindly all came round with a cake which was very sweet of them. Keith sent me some gorgeous flowers and promises me celebrations when he returns. I’m not too fussed about celebrating, Β it will just be great to have him home.

This week it has been so lovely to see the kids actually playing together because Faye is totally stable when sitting so Aiden can show her toys and he feels less like she is a baby. These two are going to be thick as thieves I can tell! The one toy I have told Aiden he can’t play with Faye with is Lego because the parts are too small so we always play with that when she has her morning nap as he is crazy for the stuff.

I was able to go out with just Faye and me for the first time as we went to a baby yoga class as my MIL watched Aiden. I loved those classes with Aiden and this time with Faye it was so fun again . It was great to give her 100% attention too and she absolutely thrived on it. Looking forward to going again next week. Obviously Aiden wanted to know where we had been and what we had done so in the afternoon the three of us dud some ‘yoga’ on the bed which both children found highly amusing.

On Thursday we drove 3 hours to meet my parents and sister at Grange-over-Sands for a long weekend holiday together. Poor Faye was sick in the car 10 minutes before we arrived. She has never been sick or even baby sicky so it was a horrible thing to hear as I could pull over right away on the motorway. She was all smiles and giggles when I did get to her though. I was hoping it wasn’t motion sickness and I needn’t have worried as the poor girl was again sick twice in the night so it must be a tummy bug.

Tomorrow is the last day of our mini get away with my family to celebrate my Mum’s 60th. It has been a really bad time for sleep as I have had about two hours maximum each night. I am so glad my family have been here to help as it has been pretty horrendous to say the least. When me and kids get home tomorrow Keith will almost be there and I am so looking forward to some time as a family of four.

What have you done this week? No sickness bugs I hope and maybe even some sleep? …

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9 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 10”

  1. Nice to get to see family. Happy belated birthday to you.
    Scary when your kids vomit when you are driving, I remember Bob doing it once and he started to choke, so regardless of being on a motorway I stopped pretty quick to get him out his car seat and tip him forwards.
    Hope her bug cleared up quickly.
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