Have you got use to writing 2017 yet or do you still put 2016? Because I’m not at work but staying home with my wee ones, I very rarely write the date so I of course filled my daughter’s baby diary in with all 2016 dates. That’s dates 6 months before she was even born claiming she has started solids which is no mean feat!

Day 29 

When we were down visiting my sister last weekend Aiden helped bake some little cupcakes. He was delighted to play chef and thankfully he is much better than me and they were yummy.

Day 30  

Although it was rather wet and rainy for most of the weekend we did manage a walk and a trip to a really amazing adventure park and cafe. This was the very first time Faye has been on the swings. With Aiden flying high and squealing next to her, she loved every minute of it.

Day 31

Aren’t siblings the best? Faye is totally besotted with Aiden. She hangs on his every word and finds him absolutely hilarious.

Day 32  

Every time we are down visiting my parents Aiden wants to play in the garden. They have so so many garden toys for him to play with that are all kept in a special shed just for his things. Today he found a fairy and had a good chatter to her.

Day 33  

The kids are chocked with the cold and from the amount of really lovely cuddles and kisses I have been getting off them I am sure to be struck down too. So today we decided to make things as easy as we could for ourselves. Aiden picked Lego Star Wars to watch. It is really good! (I say surprised and grateful he didn’t pick Dora the Explorer again! What utter drivel!)

Day 34  
Faye rolled fully over on her own today! Just suddenly out of the blue over she went. I was so happy because it seems with the second child a lot of these milestones are missed. Even Aiden started shouting yeay Faye well done!

Day 35

Aiden and I are still full of the cold but we are going the theatre today which we always all absolutely love. If I could I would go every single day, I kid you now. Before then my folks have taken the kids out to play so I can catch up on a bit of work and put my feet up. I love my folks for many many reasons but one big one is definitely how great they are with their grandchildren.

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11 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 5”

  1. that’s great to have grandparents that are close enough to baby sit, hope the colds didn’t spoil your enjoyment of the theatre. It’s not the year i get confused with it’s the numbering of the days in february once the 31 of january has passed

  2. I love the theatre, too, and when we go with the kids they’re absolutely mesmerized – more so than at the cinema. There’s something special about live theatre!
    It’s funny about writing the date; I have to double-think about writing it too. LIke you say, because I don’t have to write it that often!
    It is lovely watching little ones experiencing things for the first time; it feels like ages since my children were on their first swings. She looks like she’s enjoying herself and is totally in love with her brother. Sibling love is wonderful to watch blossom.
    Hope the cold has gone and you’re all feeling much better

  3. It is nice for us grandparents to get to spend time with our grandchildren, so nice to watch them grow and change.
    Well done Faye on rolling over, and I agree you tend to remember all the dates for child one but not so much with subsequent children.
    Nice to wrap up and get out to the park.
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