The middle of January already and this week sees my baby girl turn 6 months old! That total old cliché that time just flies by with kids is so true. I heard it put perfectly once before; “The days are long and the years are short.”

Day 15 

One Instagram picture perfect shot of Aiden dressed up as Marshall today. Look at those eyes!

One not so Instagram perfect shot (look at THOSE eyes!) but one that I love. Keith is away to work up Shetland way for a few weeks so he made Aiden this Lego Space Ice Station last night so that even though Keith was gone before Aiden woke up, he had so much fun this morning and it helped keep him distracted from missing his Dad. Aiden gave it a big thumbs up and exclaimed when he saw it!

Day 16 

Both my children were water births and they both absolutely love bath time. They only thing they don’t like is getting out. I love bathing them together too. So cute. Tonight Aiden got to try the bath crayons that Nuby sent us as we are now brand reps for them. He loved them and they kept him entertained while I was getting hid sister into her pjs.

Day 17  

This was my view as I showered this afternoon. Keith working away means I have an audience whilst I shower again like when Aiden was a baby. Plus I have to entertain them with peek-a-boo and show tunes. It is all very relaxing…

Day 18  

It has now been 4 days and the dinosaur egg STILL hasn’t fully hatched. Aiden is totally chill about the whole process. I am extremely impatient! 

Day 19  

Faye doing a bit of product testing for a piece I am in the middle of writing about teething. Poor girl never gets a moments peace and quite, and she loves it!

Day 20  

I have been sent so many lovely items for a piece I am writing on teething and they include some really fab teething and fiddle necklaces. This is may favourite so far and Faye is pretty taken by it too!

Day 21  

Aiden found this game as soft play and even with no money in he loved it. He also surprised us all by just suddenly going down this huge twirly slide when normally he can sometimes even be worried by the smallest of slides. I heard him bump all the way down as I hurriedly followed him down (I got totally bruised and battered!) and fully expected him to be him tears at the bottom. He had a wild crazed look about him and just said “that was funny”. He decided not to go on it again though. Thank heavens as I don’t think my knees could stand it!

Also today, Faye has decided to change from baby led weaning to spoon feeding… herself!!! Hehe. Love the independence Babyled weaning brings and she loved the mash. 

That has been our week. How has yours been?

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