I’ve set myself a little challenge this year and it is one I think I’m going to enjoy a lot. I am taking part in Project 365. Quite simply I will be taking a photo a day. Every. Single. Day. For the whole year. I already take a lot of photos but I am looking to improve my photography skills as well as expanding on the type of photos I take. I take a LOT of photos of my adorable kids, which won’t stop, but am looking forward to documenting other aspects of our lives too. I’ll post weekly round ups of our week in photos, with brief (ha, yeah I’ll try!) descriptions. Pop over to Instagram to see all my snaps.

Week 1: 1/7

Day 1 

Last Winter I made a new Mummy friend called Colleen. She is funny, has a beautifully spirited daughter round Aiden’s age, and she is a crafter like me, only she can really sew! For Christmas this year she made all the kids in our wee gang (4 Mums 6 kids) these beautiful clothes. She made all the boys fab lounge pants (Keith very jealous, wants a pair of his own), and she made Faye the most darling little skirt out of this wonderful steam train print fabric. Today I managed to get a photo of both kids in said clothes, sitting still and smiling. Tomorrow I take over the world.

Day 2 

The second day of the year and rather fitting too as we had our second Christmas. As we were down with my folks in England on the 25th, today we did thr whole think again with Keith’s Mum and family back home in Scotland. Aiden was extremely happy to discover that Father Christmas hadn’t forgotten about the Marshall puppy he asked for, he had just been waiting at Nana’s this whole time!

Day 3 

I didn’t get chance yesterday at the 2nd Christmas, but finally managed to snap a photo today of the beautiful bracelet Faye got off her Nans and TeTe. It has Faye Autumn engraved on it and I just love it. Me and my sister had the same ones as babies and we still treasure them. I hope Faye will hers too.

Day 4 

Today Aiden spent the day with his Nana’s and Uncle while Keith, Faye and I went to Glasgow for Keith’s diver’s medical. It was nice to have some time just the three of us but mainly we missed Aiden and git annoyed at the big city. We were very happy to pick Aiden up in the evening and return to our country bumpkin lives! P.s how cute is Faye’s hat!

Day  5 

I fit into skinny Wrangler jeans again!!! Yes! Still have 1 stone left to shift to get to my pre two kids weight of 9 stone but I am feeling good and healthy and still eating Ben & Jerry’s tonight.

Day 6 

Today myself and Jemma over at Thimble and Twig, started the #littlemakes Linky. Basically a place for people to add their blog posts and IG photos of anything and everything they have made. Crafting, building,  baking, everything is allowed! It will run fortnightly and I am so excited to see what other people are making. This week we made Thank You cards and it was so fun.

Day 7 

Today I decided to relax and just enjoy some good old fashioned family time. I got to have a lovely play with Aiden and the Duplo were Aiden invented and built this entire vehicle on his own. I was so proud because it is like a window into his imagination watching him play and he is so creative!

That has been my first week of 2017 and my first week of Project 365. I think it has been pretty darn fabulous. What have you all been up to so far in 2017?

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14 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 1”

  1. Beautiful photos, what a lovely start to the New Year. I love the lounge pants and her darling little skirt 🙂 Beautiful bracelet, I’m sure she’ll treasure it as she gets older. I have one from my Christening which I treasure too. Happy New Year to you all.

  2. Welcome to 365! Lovely photos (those handmade clothes are amazing!) and I will enjoy getting to know your family over the year. My kids are writing their thank you cards today – not homemade ones, but at least they’re doing them!

  3. your children are beautiful.. We do a second Christmas for our grandchildren, means we get to see them open their presents from us. Old fashioned family time is nice.
    your thank you cards are great.

  4. I’m new to Project 365 too, isn’t it a great way to record family life?! You have some gorgeous photos and how groat is it to have a friend who makes beautiful clothes?!
    Double Christmas, huh…sounds perfect to me!!
    Have a good week xx

  5. Hello and welcome to #365. I’m one of the suckers for punishment and now in my 6th year!!
    Well done on getting both children in one photo. I’ve been trying to get my 2 grandsons sat together for ages!!

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