When Laurence King announced a new line of books entitled Little Guides to Great Lives, I knew immediately that they would be a hit in our house. You see Aiden actually loves non-fiction books as much as fiction, and I always find it so fun to teach children things like History and Science amd learn something yourself too.

Now I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover and all but if it has a truly stunning cover then I think that is worth extra points surely. I personally do actually believe that the cover design and paper quality etc of a book do make a difference, and with the Little Guides to Great Lives series, that attention to detail means to books already have this extra, very tactile, feeling of weight and worth which I think is so important in History books. From a child’s perspective, Aiden thought it looked colourful and fun so was appealing straight away.

The book is written in such a manner that it is easy for children to understand even when hugely complex and historic events are being covered in just a few sentences on each page. I think this work wonderfully for the age range to book is aimed at as each page is almost like a mini chapter focusing on a different aspect of Nelson’s life and the contextual periods covered. As well as giving factual details of socio-political events, it also covers lovely insights into the man’s personal identity and particularly his childhood which Aiden found fascinating. It teaches you games native to South Africa which were a great way to make a person Aiden had not previously heard of, relatable as we then played the game ourselves.

One of my favourite elements of the books has to be the illustrations by Hannah Warren. There is simply no way to describe them other than stunning. They have the feel of lino print or block cutting and look not dissimilar to political protest posters which made me extremely aesthetically happy. Each page is striking and drew Aiden in immediately as they manage to look both stripped back and bold at the same time as holding wonderful cultural details.

Overall we couldn’t find one thing about the book that didn’t fascinate and please us and a whole host of things we absolutely adored. Now we are just desperate to read all the others in the set. Little Guides to Great Lives cost £8.99 and other titles feature Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie, and Amelia Earhart.

Disclosure: We were sent these products in exchange for a fair and honest review.  As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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