I have been planning Aiden’s Lego themed bedroom for quite some time now. I had originally planned to send the kid’s out with Keith one morning and when they returned I had wanted to do a big bedroom surprise for Aiden of the new bedroom. However, life got in the way as it does so the kid’s rooms have been done in stages. It has actually worked out rather nicely because every few days Aiden has a new addition to his room and he has also been able to help me make some bits for the room and decide where other pieces go. All this has meant that Aiden is absolutely in love with his Lego room and would happily spend most of his time playing there if we didn’t have to on occasion actually leave the house! Here are some simple bits and pieces that we used to create our Lego room.

  • DIY Lego Themed Magnet Board

I had bought this black pen and magnet board a while back but was looking for ways to make Aiden’s room Lego themed when it suddenly dawned on me to take what was already there and to decoupage it with some Lego wrapping paper I bought off Amazon.  It was super simple and highly effective and Aiden even helped with the glue. You can read how to make your own themed decoupage board here.

  • Lego Head Mini Figure Shelf

When Aiden said he would like a Lego bedroom he first asked for a Lego wall that talked! Now I have no idea where that came from or what one is but I translated it into something Lego themed for the wall that is unique (hey cut me some slack with the impossible requests OK!) So I headed to Etsy which is just the ideal place to shop for unique, handcrafted items, and I stumbled across this fantastic Polish shop called Our Little Passion. As well as our wonderful Lego head shelf they also make a variety of other shelves, letter and decors with a themes including superheros, Disney and nursery pieces. Our shelf arrived within a few days, was absolutely wonderfully packaged and is of great quality. It really is a fantastic feature on the wall and Aiden loves changing over which of his mini figures will feature on the star shelf that week.

  • Lego City Framed Posters

The kids rooms were already painted white and I didn’t want to paint a theme on the wall only to have to change it over in a year or so. Instead I decided to cover the walls with about ten size A3 frames that would allow me to very simply change the feature poster over to fit the theme. I got these most wonderful Lego City scene posters from Ebay for £4.99 each and also buy two and get one free. They are extremely effective, great bright colours and book quality prints. They have so much detail in them and Aiden is absolutely fascinated with all the different scenes so as well as wall art they have become inspiration for play (and present lists as he wants all the sets of course!)

  • Personalised Prints

I am an absolute sucker for one off special items. If you won’t find it on the high street I’ll probably love it. So I took to Etsy again to see what I could find on the Lego print front and I came up trumps. The Master Builder personalised print is from LetterPopArt and cost £11. The Lego man with personalised name is from Seven Trees Designs and cost £9.50. Pop to the bottom of the post to enter a giveaway to win your very own. Absolutely ideal for any Lego fan. Then I got the fun Lego maths print from Antonyprint for £14. And finally although not  Lego, it is too cool not to give a mention, Sweet Melody Designs made this bespoke superhero print to look like Aiden and he absolutely loves it. It cost £11 and you can pick varying hair colour so to best resemble your boy (I think I will need to request a girl one for Faye next!) I love covering my kid’s rooms in art and prints are a really great and affordable way to be able to do that and change it up as their interests develop.

  • Lego Wall Stickers

Since I discovered wall stickers when staying in rented property and wanting to create a nice nursery for Aiden when he was a baby,  I have become a complete fan and will put them anywhere I can. I got my Lego wall stickers from Amazon and Ebay. They are so easy to put up (a tad trickier to take down if they are too cheap!) and they are so effective on the walls.

  • Lego Bedding and Cushion 

This is one of the easiest ways to makeover a bedroom as arguably the most important part of a bedroom is the bed! The Lego bedding (which is reversible. Bonus points) was one of the first things we put in the room and straight away Aiden said “Ooo I have a Lego room!” The cushion I found on Amazon and again it is such a simple thing that transforms his reading chair into a Lego chair now apparently which is good enough for me.

  • Lego Light Switch Cover / Torch / Clock (finishing touches)

We bought all these wee finishing touches from Amazon also as Aiden loves attention to detail so I knew he would enjoy them dotted round his room. The watch and clock set was really fun as you build it yourself and in fact Aiden managed most of it himself. Although he is too young to tell the time, he is interested in the concept and enjoyed wearing the watch out and then seeing his clock when he is home. We have the torch put almost as an ornament on display but obviously Aiden can play with it too which he enjoys. The light switch sticker only cost about £2 and just finishes it all off perfectly.

So what do you think? Have any Lego fans in your house who would like this room? Well we have just the competition for you as you can enter below to win your very own Lego print from Seven Trees Design.
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Disclaimer: We were sent some of these items in exchange for a honest review. As always, all opinions expressed are our own and truthful. 

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35 thoughts on “DIY Kid’s Lego Bedroom Makeover and *GIVEAWAY*”

  1. My son is a huge Lego fan and Minecraft and Sonic fan so a mash up of all 3 and he would be so happy. His started to look for more Lego Dementions themed stuff

  2. My son has an Avengers themed room which he loves but would also love a lego themed room. Lego city is his favourite.

  3. I was massively in to football as a child, I’m still quite a big fan, and my ideal bedroom would have been a Leeds United themed bedroom. My allegiances have changed since then.

  4. Esmay loves unicorns and princesses with magical kingdoms so she can create stories with her friends
    WOULD be a DREAM BEDROOM for her

  5. My son would probably love this Lego Themed bedroom but he has a planet one at the moment which he loves. I painted it a dark blue and then had loads of decals of planets and rockets on the wall as well as glow in the dark stars and moon. I have a globe light in the rom also.

  6. My little one has just had his bedroom redone exactly how he wanted it – it’s an (unhealthy) mix of Lego, Star Wars, space and football. He hasn’t left his room since it’s been done so I guess we’re all happy!

  7. I don’t think the kids should get to hog all of the lego! I want a lego loungeroom for our whole family to enjoy! I already have my beetles yellow submarine lego, my husbands milenium falcon star wars lego and my sons lego space shuttle on display there 🙂

  8. When i was a kid my dream bedroom was to have a princess theme with a carriage for my bed and Cinderella to be painted on the wall with a bright pink carpet.

  9. The youngest one is into Lego and the oldest into Minecraft and Swansea City football so their room is a bit of a mishmash of the two. I must admit I love the Lego ideas best.

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