When we moved house in September I said to Keith, the first rooms we have to decorate are the kid’s ones because I want them to really love their rooms and feel totally safe at home in them. Aiden had very set ideas as to what he wanted in his room (you can see his Lego room makeover here) but it was going to be a bit trickier asking Faye as she is only 15 months old now. I decided that we would decorate her room to fit her personality then. She adores being outdoors and seeking out adventure but she is also a total softy and loves cuddling up with us and her favourite soft toys. With this in mind we have gone with a fairy forest theme, full of magic and adventure.  Nothing is stopping this girl and her room will inspire her to be all she desires, no limits. Here are some of the things we did to create her magical room.

  • Fairy Houses

Shush don’t tell anyone but these are actually garden ornaments. Infact they are solar powered and even light up! There are a few wonderful Etsy shops that sell absolutely stunning bespoke fairy houses but as I think Faye would appreciate them more when she is a tad older. I got these for 2 for £25 at a garden centre.

  • Art Prints to Inspire

I have art all over my house because I find it both beautiful and inspiring. I knew then that I wanted some prints for Faye’s room but of what I did not know. I searched ‘fairies’ but nothing jumped out at me as inspiring. I then searched ‘forest’ and I got really lucky as I hit upon the most wonderful shop, Sweet Melody Designs.

Carrie Tomaschko is both owner and artist at Sweet Melody Designs, and I am going to go on record that she is a blooming astonishing illustrater! As well as her prints being visually stunning, they also feature characters that actually look like kids and kid’s who are up for adventure. That’s a lot of ticks in my book. I had picked to the forest adventure theme already so went with the sets below but oh my days there are so many other to be inspired by! (The mermaids are just to die for and I think I will simply HAVE to do an under the sea for the next bedroom makeover. If the kid’s don’twant it, heck I’ll do up my bedroom!)

One final magical aspect to the Sweet Melody Designs is that they are easily made bespoke as for many of them you can change the hair colour of the people and even the background colour so they will fit any nursery or bedroom absolutely perfectly. The prints vary in price but are around £12 for one or £33 for a set of three. They are so stunning in themselves that I think they look great in these simple black frames for a few quid each. So go check put Carrie’s shop, I can’t guarantee you won’t lose hours browsing the beautiful art!

  • Bunting and A Blind

A Blind or curtains are a really easy and practical way to do up a room. You need them so they might as well reinforce your theme. I looked online for a blind for Faye’s room but the few fairy forest ones I found were crazy prices and also not in the right size. In the end I spotted this beauty of branches with birds on in Homebase and for less than £15.

Bunting is less a practical necessity but I absolutely love it anyway and think it really brightens up a room. I made the bunting in Faye’s room originally for Aiden’s first birthday as his middle name is Forrest so it is all nature themed. Handy as it fits Faye’s room makeover perfectly!

  • Homemade Collage Art

I made a pair of collages from post cards and old calanders I have had over the years with fairies and beautiful strong magical women in. It is a pretty cheap way of creating a bespoke piece of art and you could even get the kid’s involved when they are a bit older.

  • Fairy Door

One of the final touches we will be adding to Faye’s room she will be getting at Christmas and it is this fabulous fairy door from The Irish Fairy Door Company. If you have a fairy forest for a bedroom you need a door for them to get in and out don’t you? I love how magical the box itself looks and I know we are going to have lots of fun with ‘visits’ from fairies through it.

Faye loves her new room and I enjoy playing in there with her and seeing all the magical elements come together. It definitely fits both her adventurous personality and her strong but always caring side too, with a touch of magic for good measure. Have you ever created a themed room for your kids? What was it and did they love it?

Disclaimer: We were sent some of these products in exchange for a honest review. As always all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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