What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than making toilet paper roll dragons, complete with ferocious flames (my boy went crazy for blowing into the tube to do this at the end)

Sometimes the simplest of plans are the best. Our wee clan has been struck by the cold this week and we had already enjoyed a trip to the park in the morning  (I try really hard to get out of the house every single day even if it is just a trip to the local playground. It keeps us sane. Or less mad at least.)

So after nap time instead of trying to do anything too elaborate and running about with everyone getting stressed and no doubt tears and tantrums being involved, we opted for my favourite; craft time.

A quick simple search on Pintrest and I had a good half a dozen TP roll craft activities which I showed to my two year old and let him pick. Dragons won easily!

They were super easy to make and though Aiden couldn’t do some of the steps himself, he enjoyed watching his Daddy stick the eyes on (several times…) and took waiting patiently during drying times very well as we left the table and came back to it a few times because hell as if we were actually going to watch paint dry!

My tip for a successful spontaneous arts and crafts afternoon?  Keep it simple and have a good supply of craft items aways ready in the house. Never throw away TP rolls!

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