You may very well have read the post I wrote last year on how we decorated Faye’s room with a fairy forest adventure theme and were pretty happy with the outcome. It was a quick mini makeover after we moved into the new house four months ago. We are going to be doing the ‘real’ decorating downstairs first with new floors and knocking down walls etc so the kid’s rooms were quick makeovers I did myself to create a space that was uniquely their own. We didn’t paint them as they were already a neutral white and I have been feeling that they were lacking something, especially Faye’s room, to tie it all together. Luckily the solution came to me as most things do at 3am one night – stickers! Wonderful wall stickers from Stickerscape no less. Here is how we got on.

I ordered three sets of stickers for Faye’s room and they arrived wonderfully packed in a very robust poster tube so not damaged at all. Along with the stickers I received one piece of paper with a six step instruction graphic. It also had directions to a web address where I would find a video guide to help in the application of the stickers. Well I never needed to use the video as the written instructions were so easy to follow. Two things that I have discovered are absolutely necessary to successfully use wall stickers are quality 2.use a credit card for smoothing! Excellent tip from the Stickerscape instructions that I wish I had known years ago!

I chose a tree branch with flowers and squirrels as the first sticker to apply and it was the easiest to do. It also ended up being my favourite as it is large and the colours are lovely and vibrant. Next I put up the fairies and toadstools. These were harder to apply as the are smaller and made up of more fine details so higher chance of the sticker ripping. That said I didn’t actually rip any of them and just needed to take a little more time. They are extremely cute but I would recommend buying a few sets of them if you have a large room like Faye’s as I felt they look a little lost on the big wall. That is just personal preference as I like lots of “stuff” everywhere and Keith says they look just fine the three of them!

Finally above Faye’s bed I chose a personalised giant hot air balloon. It features very pretty floral pattern on the balloon, two large clouds and a banner that has Faye’s name on. I think it is perfect for that sense of adventure I wanted to include in my girl’s bedroom and the personal touch makes it that extra bit special. The quality, as with all the Stickerscape stickers, I found to be exceptional. The print is very clear and bright and you can feel the material is not cheap. I will certainly be using Stickerscape again the next time we decorate the kid’s rooms,  or maybe even before as I still have wall space left.

Disclaimer: I was sent these stickers in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own. 

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