When we bought our first house last Winter one of the most important requirements for us was that is have a large garden. You might joke as we live in Scotland however with Aiden going to forest school and Faye just loving being outdoors in all weather, we do actually use it all year round. In the Winter we focused on getting the house in shape but now it is Spring we want to get the garden ready well in advance of Summer so we can truly enjoy it. Here are a few very simple things you can do to sproose your garden up. You don’t need to be an expert and I did all these myself in the few hours the kids nap in the afternoons.

Although a large amount of our garden is grass and sloped, we do also have a pretty large decking area which is absolutely ideal to play on when the grass is still damp. The house was tenanted before we bought it and they simply had not looked after the wood at all. Keith wanted to rip the while thing down and start again but fortunately Liberon came to the rescue.

We used their Tough Deck Clean and Revive decking treatment first which is super simple to measure out with water and has the wood fantastically cleaned. You need a bit of elbow grease but other than that it really is very simple to use. We then waited for the wood to totally dry out for a few days and painted it with Liberon Garden Colour Care Decking Paint Medium Brown. It took two coats to give it the finish we wanted and is a really rich colour. It goes on well and gives great coverage as well as a five year guarantee.

We had a little run of nice sunny weather one day and rain the next so whilst we couldn’t do any painting for a bit, we could get to planting some beautiful flowers to brighten the place up. I always think plant pots are a genius and low hassle way to garden as you can just focus on the small area and see the results very quickly. I am by no means green fingered although I do enjoy gardening immensely, so I was very happy to have this little guy to help and the wonderful Lazy Flora to guide me.

Lazy Flora is an online shop that takes all the stress out of plants! (It really can be daunting going to a garden centre and not having a clue about what goes where and when etc) You simply order the package you want (always picked for that time of year) or set up a subscription so you have your plants arrive with the seasons. They come extremely well packaged and with detailed but not daunting instructions on how best to plant and take care of your plants. It is so easy to do in fact that Aiden at 3 years old happily got stuck in! The plants were so varied and just the thing to brighten up our garden in it’s transformation stage.

If you like the look of these flowers, and how could you not, then be sure to enter the competition at the bottom of this post to be in with a chance if winning your own from Lazy Flora.

Psst did I also mention they do indoor plants too delivered right to your door like this beauty. So if you don’t fancy going outside, bring nature in. It cheers me up even on the most driach day.

Once the decking paint was dry we could put up these fun outdoor colour string bulb lights from Waltons. They come in a variety of colour options but I went for the ones with a rustic feel because with the Scottish weather I felt they would last longer in the harsh weather. They look becautuful and very charming as I am a big fan of industrial style items. The small solar panels collect energy from the sun during the day and by evening the lights come on just in time to sit out on the decking once the kids are in bed. The thing I like best about these lights is they look good during The day when they aren’t lit up too. I hate the cheap fairy lights that look just like wires when not lot up but these stand on their own as a beautiful decoration all day long.

We have flagstones all round our house and they look a right state covered in weeds and moss. I’ve used Roundup weed killer before so had every confidence in it doing the job. What did surprise me though was just how many different products and applications are now available from Roundup. It is absolutely ideal as I can use the right product for getting into corners and another for treating areas on my gravel.

Our new house came with a very old shed. Keith has always wanted a shed and actually this one is dry and big enough but it was an eyesore.Ā  Remember the decking paint from earlier? Well Libeton also do other outdoor paints ideal for colouring and protecting shed wood. Keith picked a Kale colour as the main shed colour and I must admit he has good taste. The paint covered so so well that it already looked great after one coat, we just did two for extra protection against the elements. They have a huge range of colours, something to suit everyone I imagine and thanks to a quick lick of paint I have fallen back in love with our shed!

Libeton have a sister paint company called V33 who produce the most wonderfully vibrant range of outdoor Easy Colours craft paints, ideal for things like this mini up-cycling project I did one afternoon with a table and chairs set I got at the tip. White was never going to hold up well and looked awful against the new decking so I went for a super rich Fig colour for the table and beautiful grey to go on the chairs. I’m going to be painting some plant pots a mixture of the other colours as it was so easy to apply (just need another dry day…) and then we will have a very stylish multicoloured decking haven.


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To enter the giveaway simply enter via Rafflecopter below. Email addresses will be passed the Lazy Flora for the draw. Good luck everyone!

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Disclosure: We were sent these products in exchange for a fair and honest review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful.

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56 thoughts on “Preparing your garden for Spring including **GIVEAWAY**”

  1. Ive bought lots of miniature houses and fairies for my garden, they will go in my little fruit tree patch its my fav part of my garden

  2. I am totally in love with that teal shed, Fee! What a lovely renovation project. Your Lazy Flora plants look really beautiful, and I’m so glad you found it so easy to plant them up – that’s exactly what we’re aiming for. Just drop me a line if you have any plant care tips, and time. šŸ™‚

  3. My favourite part of the garden is my patio, we have a table and chairs right next to the honeysuckle and it’s wonderful on a warm summers evening – great for sitting having a coffee in the morning too

  4. I love my patio ceramic pots – they are filled with flowers, including lavendar. I also love my trellis of sweet peas growng up our shed x

  5. I am really lucky to have a big plot, we have been working on our garden for 37 years! I like the different areas that we have created, makes life stress free when the children are playing with a ball!

  6. We kinda have a secret corner behind the garage which has a bench, some lovely colourful bushes, and a bird feed deer, it’s nice to hide behind it sometimes

  7. I do love my garden and have a favourite corner which is my rockery. I would however love to have a larger garden with an arbour in the corner and an arch way filled with honeysuckle and yellow roses šŸ™‚ x x

  8. my favourite part is the wild flower section my grandchildren planted for the bees and butterflies

  9. I love ponds as they’re full of activity and attract wildlife. I love my vegetable plants and scented flowers. Thanks for this fabulous giveaway.

  10. I love my patio area, I can sit enjoying a cup of tea in the sun watching my children all playing in the garden

  11. We have 3 different areas of the garden & the seated patio area is my fave .. sun all day until about 5.30 .. when it decides to show it’s face!

  12. My favourite part of the garden is my rockery which seems to get bigger each year as the plants grow and I buy more!!

  13. Our garden is mostly a vegetable garden but in the middle we have a paved patio with a table and chairs and around it are pots of lavender and fragrant herbs – it’s a lovely place to enjoy a warm summer evening.

  14. I love my greenhouse. I spend ages in there tending my seedlings and watching them develop. I have lots of flowers, herbs and salad goodies and veggies on the go. My granddaughters love helping too.

  15. We are making big changes to our garden this summer because we recently had a conservatory that took over our patio so now we need to recreate an outside seating area, when the gardens finished i’ll be chilling on the new decked area all the time!

  16. I don’t rqeally like the garden we have, I’d love to have real grass and it to be flat as it has a step and stones so it’s not ideal for our 2 young children

  17. I absolutely love my garden ,the wildlife area is fab with all sorts of creatures and insects visiting but I would love to have a summer house facing our bird tree( just a common cherry blossom but have feeders with every seed and treat for the birds that visit) I can dream….

  18. I don’t have a favourite part of my garden at the moment as we are just in the process of re-vamping it, but looking forward to sitting on my new patio full of pots full of herbs and sweet smelling flowers

  19. I love to sit in my shed and drink tea while I watch the garden grow but I would love to make my garden more nature friendly

  20. My dream garden would be private, unlike mine. It would have a lovely big summerhouse with electric, so I could make a brew. Also a patio area with a large table/chairs/brolly for all the family to eat round. My garden would also have some nice things for my granddaughter…….wendy house, sand pit etc

  21. I love my garden. A greenhouse full of veg. A lawn with flamingos and unicorns statues on it ( the kids love it) and our white rabbits bouncing around eating the grass.
    Everyone thinks it is a mad garden, bit I love it

  22. Hi, I love gardening. I can spend lots of time in my garden. I know all gardeners have to prepare their garden in every season and this is not an easy task. Thank you for sharing this blog with us.

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