Until a few weeks ago I had not even heard of door stickers. If you are a regular reader you will know I am a big fan of wall stickers as a highly effective and cost efficient means of decorating your child’s bedroom. Well, I was looking through the wall stickers on the Stickerkid website when I saw a section marked door stickers. Intrigued, I went and took a look. Suddenly it dawned on me that door stickers were the next and obvious follow up to wall stickers and we of course needed a set for both my kid’s rooms.

The ordering process was exceptionally easy and took no time at all. They have several different sticker options available although the children did actually end up picking two very simular designs. I added the children’s names to the personalised section at no extra cost and then ordered them. I recieved plenty of informative emails letting me know that they were being made and then shipped etc and the stickers themselves arrived a mere few days later.

The print quality is excellent on these stickers and the material they are printed on is actually more like a fabric so much more durable. Ideal when small sticky hands are going to be touching it. You can tell straight away good quality stickers so I was very pleased to see that these were very sticky and also came off their sheets well.

Both my kid’s loved the bright, fun designs and I myself was happy that they were well suited to their current ages but also for older children so they won’t become too babyish too soon. There are four different figures available with the space set which means there is bound to be an astronought who looks a bit like your kid. Aiden was thrilled with his having brown hair!

Now if you liked what you read and would also want a door sticker or indeed wall sticker set from Stickerkid then I am pleased to share that my readers can use discount code OOEAM10 until 28th March so go take a look round their site now!

Disclosure: We were sent these products in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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