We recently bought our very first house and even before we moved in I was beyond excited about doing it up and putting our own stamp on the interior design. I had been pinning house ideas on Pinterest for years but now we are in I have hit a snag. I don’t know what to do first! I want to knock walls down and move the kitchen to a completely different room not to mention get rid of the horrid electric heaters and put in underfloor heating. So whilst we think about all our options I decided I would do a wee DIY project on the bathroom as it is the one room that wont be moving or changing majorly and I knew a little love and attention would cheer it right up.

When we moved in the bathroom had green walls and was filled with untreated, stain covered wood. So the first thing I did was paint three layers of English Oak wood stain and treatment varnish on to it all. I didn’t like the main unit when we moved in but now it looks so much better I actually really like how much of our stuff it stores which saves on dusting! I also got rid of the green walls (honestly doesn’t green ever look good on a wall?) with four layers of brilliant white bathroom paint. I love the crisp clean feel is now has especially against the warm wood.

Keith had bought me the hanging tile art a few years ago and I had always thought it would look lovely in a bathroom so I decided to go with a few wee nods to the nautical theme. I found this lovely light cord handle on Amazon for less than £2.50 including postage. An absolute bargain I think and just a nice little touch to make the bathroom seem more thought through.

You need a mirror in a bathroom and as our bathroom isn’t huge I thought I big wall mirror would help open it up some. I took a look in the shops and was horrified to discover they cost close to £300 to get a wall mirror to fit the space we have. So I took to Gumtree to see what I could find and discovered this gem. A guy up in Stonehaven (by chance Keith was working near by) makes these beautiful bespoke driftwood mirrors and this one cost us £80. For a one off that I think makes the whole room, this is a pretty good price I reckon.

I love having greenery all over the house and the bathroom is no different although you do have to be careful with the plants you put in there because of the warm and wet conditions. I have opted then to go with cacti. I am building up my collection whenever I see one I like in the shops. Lucky for me they seem to be in vogue currently so plenty of beautiful ones to pick.

I bought this frog so long ago I almost forgot we had it but luckily the house move unearthed it. It is absolutely fantastic at keeping all the kid’s bath toys out of the way and lets them drain the water off through the holes. The back of the frog is like a giant scoop that clips onto the base so really easy for scooping all the toys out of the bath. I also think it adds a touch of fun to the bathroom without there being plastic ducks showering down on you when you try and take your shower as the kids nap!

So that is the new bathroom complete. It cost less than £150 (£80 on that mirror) and I think it has made all the difference. What do you think? Any other simple DIY jobs you think I could be doing round the house, ideally that take the exact length of a nap?

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