After we moved house at the end of last year I set about giving the kid’s rooms mini DIY makeovers so they have beautiful and unique spaces of their own. You can read about Aiden’s Lego themed room makeover here. Since we completed the rooms though I have felt like something is missing, especially in Aiden’s very large room. I came to the realisation that the walls were too bare, there were no set areas of focus so everything looked rather thrown together. The solution I have found has been wonderful wall stickers from the excellent Stickerscape.

Whilst Aiden’s entire room is Lego themed, there is one corner we call Lego City. It houses all his Lego and also a town mat that is frequently the scene of high speed police chases and daring fire rescues. I added a build your own road map sticker from Stickerscape onto the ceiling above and am extremely pleased with the outcome. The maps mirroring each other work wonderfully to square off that part of the room as one particular zone. The sticker itself is made up of individual road pieces so you can design a map that fits the space you have. I was a bit concerned that I would mess it up but you can overlay pieces which gives you great flexibility. As with all Stickerscape stickers, you recieve a super simple six step instruction graphic and application is easy because they are quality stickers.

Next I decided to add an absolutely huge space rocket over Aiden’s bed to help carry him off the dreamland. With stickers of this size you would expect bumps and air pockets (I certainly have had plenty in the past with cheap brands) but Stickerscape suggest a very clever credit card smoothing trick that works a treat on quality stickers! The colours in the roctet sticker are fantastically bright and added bonus, the stars glow in the dark! I love just how enormous this sticker is and how it defines an area of the room all on its own.

The thirst sticker set I chose was a vintage hot air balloon set. I wanted something that could run the entire length of one side of Aiden’s room so as to pull the entire room together.  The set features seven hot air balloons and three cloud stickers which I was able to individually place along the whole of the wall, meaning everything in the room appears unified beneath the baloon race that is happing in the ceiling sky above. The muted primary colours in the design are so classy that I think they make the whole room feel like it has been carefully planned whilst still being extremely fun for children.  Both Faye nd Aiden delighted in the balloon scene and it really does have a Wow effect and fill a large room.


Disclaimer: Stickerscape sent me these stiker in exchange for a honest and fair review. As always, all opinions are our own and truthful. 

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