For my grown-up craft this week, I am again keeping it super simple as the household works to fight off yet another cold. This week I am going to be dressing up a twig from the garden to create a beautiful and sparkly Winter Window Wonderland hanging centerpiece.

I had great intentions of taking the kids to the Woods near the house to hunt down some nice puddles to jump in and twigs to make this craft. However, we all woke up with another cold on Friday and poor Aiden kept saying ‘no go outside. I want to stay in pyjamas all day long!’ So as with the kid’s Glitter jar, I decided I would use things I already had in (or in this case; outside in the garden)

What you will need:

  • A good size twig / branch. Must look good hanging up and have lots of branches to hang bits off
  • Glitter (lots of it!)
  • PVA glue
  • Optional: furniture varnishas (just to finish if off nicely)
  • Optional: additional sparkle in the form of glitter confetti to stick on

What to do:

  1. Select your twig! Make sure it is a good one. If damp / wet, place the twig on a radiator until it is dry
  2. Cover in PVA glue. Tip: mix a little water in to  make it easier to spread
  3. Cover in glitter!!! Even with a massive art mat, there was Glitter everywhere! 
  4. Once dry,  cover either with varnish or if you don’t have any, another coat of PVA glue on top of the glitter will do just so your house isn’t covered in it. Let it dry.
  5. Now hang in your window using either invisible thread or nice Christmas ribbon.
  6. Either leave as a minimalist statement piece or like in my mad cluttered house, I intend to hand lots of other crafts we do over the next few weeks off it.

This is a great craft for creating different window themes throughout the year too. Simply change the glitter for paint or spray paint or even wrap the branch with ribbons or cover with tissue paper.

If you make it yourself I’d love to see a photo. Any other Winter crafts to share with me? Add them to the #christmaslittlemakes linky here.


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9 thoughts on “Sparkle Winter Window Glitter Twig #christmaslittlemakes ”

  1. we made this with the branches with white patched paint to look like snow on the top of the branches with a little silver added then used half egg shells, painted and then glittered hanging from the branches like you have done

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