If you have already had a look over at the other ‘star’ themed craft, Lollypop Stick Star Flakes, then you will know that my plans for pretty much anything have been totally dashed by cold after cold taking the entire house over and over. I’m not bitter, oh no not I… Well I had all these grand craft plans. Such lovely nature filled, stary themed plans. The kids craft had to be done with whatever I had in our in-house craft box and luckily it worked our well and we had fun. Take a wee look here if you like.

Now when it came to the grown-up craft I had wanted to take a lovely walk in the woods with my two. My littlest soundly napping, looking like a heavenly angel, and me and the biggest hunting for tiny ‘stickmen’ to make this craft seen here in a photo that is not mine.

Yes you guessed it, no walk in the woods for us. I did try and raid the garden as I had done for the sparkly branch hanging but alas I came up with nothing but wet leaves.

So in the house, with no supplies and no natural light (well I had to get the kids to sleep before I had a chance to wrote this) all I can think of is the original star craft I had thought of doing with Aiden. It might be too complex for a two and a half year old but that puts it at roughly my difficulty level. Paper origami style stars. Enjoy.

Remember those colds I mentioned? That’s hot ribeena with honey folks.

It’s going super so far right…

After watching and following a ten minute tutorial this is what I have to show for it. That isn’t even a SNOWFLAKE!

After several attempts I am throwing the towl in. Gilmore Girls is calling. As is tiny trifle. I am sure you all can do much much MUCH better and I would love to see them and how you made them so please let me know if you ever make it further than I did. Plenty of pictures of beautiful paper stars over on Pinterest.

This has been a #christmaslittlemakes and this is me, signing off.

P.s the blooming trifle was only blooming out of date. Yeah I broke into the Christmas chocolate.


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10 thoughts on “Paper Stars #Christmaslittlemakes”

  1. Hehe I love this post – it is how so many of my crafts end up! I was taught how to make those stars last year (by an 11 year old)! They are very easy but it really does need someone in the room telling you how to do it – I can’t imagine following youtube! #christmaslittlemakes
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  2. You’re hilarious,you’ve made me smile this morning and no,I won’t be attempting to make the snowflakes,I’m sure they are beautiful but as I’m not arty or crafty in the slightest I’ll leave it to others.I really enjoyed reading your blog and will definitely be reading more.And,you have the most beautiful children,have a very Merry and cold free Christmas and tahnk you again for mmaking me smile x

    1. Hi Karen. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I had a shockingly sleep lacking sleep and this was such a wonderful comment to approve. We’ve got to keep smiling don’t we 😂 I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year too.x

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