OK let’s just confront the elephant in the room right away shall we? This week’s theme for #christmaslittlemakes  (which I am actually hosting, for shame!) is Star. We have had Light, we have had Sparkle, next week will be snow, and this week is Star. I have known this for some time now and yet, those of you with eagle eyes might spot, I am this week, going to try and pass Snowflakes off as erm Star flakes?

When I was invited to take part in #christmaslittlemakes over a month ago, I immediately started pinning ideas on a Winter Crafts board over on Pinterest. I LOVE stars (just ask my tattoos) and was thrilled to be given Star as my hosting week. So pin pin away I did; lots of beautiful fancy star origami and star ceramics. But then, as the previous weeks played out, I realised that these crafts just weren’t suitable for a two year old. I was going to have to put them away for future Christmases and have a little rethink.

So I stumbled across these super easy, yet highly effective, lolly pop stick snowflakes and knew right off I wanted to make them with Aiden to add to our window display. I was initially thinking we could make them as part of Snow week but suddenly I found ourselves with absolutely loads of snow crafts and not one kid’s star craft! So there you have it, snowflakes that are star shaped are my kids craft for this week.

What you will need:

  • Lolly pop sticks
  • Kids glue (Pva)
  • Grownup glue (Uhu)
  • Glitter
  • Sparkle like sequins etc
  • Thread
  • Additional: paints, felt tips, anything else you want to decorate them

How to make them:

  1. Put the Pva on the lolly sticks in any pattern you feel like – simple dots, creative wiggly lines, stripes etc
  2. Cover the sticks with glitter 
  3. Add stick on bits such as the sequins, stars, pompoms
  4. The glue dries pretty fast so once one side is touch dry, turn over and do the same on the other. Remember : they need to look good on BOTH sides if you are making them for the window. If however they are for your tree, just concentrate on one side 
  5. Once finished decorating the sticks, use the grown-up glue to stick three sticks on top of each other to create your star flake! (this is so going to catch on folks)
  6. Finish off by fastening some thread around each star so they can be hung where ever you like

If you have enjoyed this why not head over to #christmaslittlemakes linky to get some more craft ideas and also take a look in the vault on my homepage for all our craft projects.

And as always, if you do make any of these crafts yourself we would love to hear about / see them and you can join the linky with any of your own ideas here.


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