As we have been away to Germany and only got back this week we haven’t actually made much recently. The weather had been so lovely that we were just out playing in water parks most of the time. We have however now returned to England where we are staying with my folks for a few more days till I go back up to Scotland. The infamous British weather has returned so sunny then rain then threatening clouds it is then. ¬†We didn’t really know what to do with the days because of the silly weather so I was absolutely chuffed when I came downstairs after putting the kids down for their afternoon naps to discover that my totally awesome parents had made a treasure hunt complete with map and prizes for Aiden and Faye to do once they woke.

What you will need:

  • Some amazing fun Grandfolks (other family and friends will do too but they must be fun!)
  • Some paper
  • A pen (my folks just used a Biro but you could really go to town)
  • Treasure! (This could be toys you already have but I think it works better with some little new ones and some wee chocolates or sweets)

My Dad had drawn two treasure maps:- one which showed the garden and one the downstairs of their house, focusing on the living room. He had made them nice and simple but added a wee story about why the pirates had left their treasure and a scull and cross bones to make it authentic don’t you know. It was extremely cute to see Aiden’s reaction because although I personally would have gone all out and stained the paper with tea bags, ripped and burnt the edges and written in fountain pen, it didn’t matter one jot to Aiden who was completely engrossed in his Grandad’s map and his telling of the tale.

My Dad had marked on a few landmarks that Aiden was sure to understand on the map like the bird house and he was thrilled to find a toy for his wee sister which he proudly presented as he recanted how he had found it using a pirate treasure map.

My Dad spent some time trying to explain how maps worked to Aiden. He was so exited to get hunting though that in large it fell on deaf ears when we were running about the garden. Once we were back inside though, he happily calmed down and sat on the sofa to take a look around the room and map and see how they match up.

Faye might not gave been able to read the map (she tried to eat it on numerous occasions) but she had an absolute blast chasing Aiden about as he searched for the treasure. I think she thought that was in fact the game!

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