Regular readers will know that after three weeks of absolutely loving starting forest school, Aiden suddenly after the halfterm really really started hating it. The poor boy was so worried about going that the nights before he was in the next day he would have nightmares and panic. It was absolutely awful and we still aren’t sure why things changed but suspect that with his Daddy home off work he didn’t want to miss playing with him and was scared he would leave while he was in nursery. We have been working with the teachers and this week he is so so much better and actually looking forward to going into forest school the next day. One thing that I thought I would try, and that has worked well so far is giving Aiden something he needs to take in and show nursery and then return home so he knows he will be coming home if that makes sense. Well it is working and it has inspired this week’s #littlemakes craft Stone Stories.

As Aiden has been refusing to get involved with activities at forest school the teachers have said they will follow his lead and do whatever he decides to do and take it from there. Well I told them when he first started that he might be the first kid they find sat in the middle of an outdoor obstacle course happily reading a book and what do you know, ¬†all he wants to do he says is read books. They had actually run out of ones he is read so had to get more. Now I’m all for him reading and reading lots but he is isolating himself doing this at forest school ALL the time so I thought why not see if I couldn’t make reading a more sociable activity. I rememered I had pinned these cute painted pebbles that had pictures that you could use to tell stories on them ages ago so at the start of the week I decided to get Aiden involved and give it a go. Here’s how we got on.

You will need:

  • Pebbles
  • Stone paint (ideally pens)
  • Imagination!

What to do:

Firstly one rather driach afternoon here on the West Coast (I know right? It never normally rains!) we decided to pop to the local beach and stock up on pebbles. It took us about an hour to get kitted out head to toe in our waterproofs and I almost turned back but the kids thought it was a great laugh, and so to did the group of German tourists watching in bemusement as the mad Mum carried two kids down the jetty and proceeded to try and collect pebbles, take photos, and ensure the kids didn’t end up in the sea. Pebbles collected, we took them home to dry out and decided we had had enough excitement for one day and left the painting until the following.

Initially Aiden didn’t want to paint. “I’m not keen on doing that” he said. So instead he told me what I should paint and paint it I did. After a mountain, a house, a octopus and the ghostbuster car however he decided maybe he was keen on trying it. I had told him the pens were only for grown-ups and special kids so he was pretty pleased with himself to be trusted. He made the sea, some mud, a volcano, eight green islands (don’t ask!) The possibilities are endless and was had great fun discussing what might happen in each story. I found a lovely draw string bag that we put them in and he was so chuffed the next day to show everyone at circle time. The teacher told me at home time that he hadn’t cried once and had been making up stories with the other kids all day long. She has asked him to make some more over the weekend and bring them back in on Monday and he is already excited out it. That’s a crafting win I think!

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