Children change their minds ALL THE TIME! (except that is when it would actually be really handy of them to have a change of heart of course.) When planning a theme for Aiden’s new bedroom then I decided to go with a Lego theme because it is the one thing he actually has never grown bored off and I knew I could combine several themes within it. For example lot of bright, multicolours would be appropriate as well as anything that could come from Lego City like all the emergency services and construction items. Lego as I am sure you know, is pretty expensive, and so to is official Lego items so I have been doing a combination of ‘real’ Lego and also some good old homemade Lego themed bits and bobs. This week I up-cycled an old magnetic black board to become a Lego ideas board. Practical and also adds more colour to the room. It can easily be adapted for whichever theme your kid has in their room or likes so thought I would share.

You will need:

  • Item to make themed such as magnetic board , chalk board or pin board
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Themed wrapping paper
  • Scissors

How to make:

Once you have decided on which type of activity board you want to decoupage and you have got the wrapping paper it really is very simple to make. A little tip when picking the wrapping paper design; pick one with a small design and the characters/illustrations close together as most likely the frame wouldn’t be particularly thick so you will have limited surface area to show the design on.

Cut the wrapping paper to the length of one side of the frame and thick enough to fold round the side and back a little. Cover that side of the frame in PVA glue and then press the paper into place. Depending on how big the frame is, use something like a can of beans or two to rest it on whilst the glue is drying because if you lie it down flat on the glue you are going to get it stuck to that surface! Repeat this for all four sides and then cover the top of the paper also in glue to create a protective layer. If you really want, when the glues dry you can varnish it. I usually do with decoupaged furniture but didn’t actually bother with this frame as it won’t be climbed on etc.

That is it. It really is that simple and can be highly effective and super cheap and quick to do to! Aiden loved his special Lego board and we added some Lego stickers just because we could and he lived helping make it. What theme would your kids go for?

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